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Faculty and Staff Success

  • The Year of Science 2009 focused on weather and climate, and Millersville’s Dr. Sepideh Yalda, earth sciences, was one of the six featured scientists from across the country during the 12-month celebration led by participants in the Coalition of the Public Understanding of Science.
  • Dr. Gary Zoppetti, computer science, and Drs. Sepideh Yalda and Richard Clark, both from earth sciences, received $350,000 from the National Science Foundation Division of Information and Intelligent Systems-Advanced Learning Technologies Program for their “Geosciences Probe of Discovery” project.
  • A grant of $172,375 was awarded by the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity to Dr. Roger Webster, computer science, for development of an ocular surgery simulator.
  • A grant of $62,435 was awarded to Dr. Ajoy Kumar, earth sciences, through East Stroudsburg University, on the project “Projecting the Impacts of Climate Change and Identifying Adaption Options at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuges.” Dr. Kumar and his students will collaborate with research colleagues from NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility.
  • Dr. Todd D. Sikora, earth sciences, was awarded a two-year expansion, through March 2012, of his Canadian Spaceborne Ocean Intelligence Network (SOIN) contract, bringing his total funding to approximately $43,000 over a period of five years. In addition, Dr. Sikora is the principal investigator on a grant from the Office of Naval Research, which expands a previous three-year award “Applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar to Meteorology and Oceanography Command Operations,” to September 2011. The total funding, shared by Millersville University, Penn State and the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, is approximately $275,000 over five years.
  • Dr. Judy Cebra-Thomas, biology, was awarded $37,455 by the National Science Foundation and Swarthmore College to fund the RUI: Developmental Biology of Turtle Shell Formation. She was also awarded $7,900 by the PASSHE Faculty Professional Development Council for a study of the control of bone formation in the turtle shell.
  • Mr. Eric Horst, earth sciences, was awarded $33,480 by the Pa. Department of Transportation to continue providing targeted winter storm forecasts, produced by Millersville University’s Weather Center.
  • Dr. Alex DeCaria, earth sciences, and Mr. David Fitzgerald, academic consulting & tech services, received a Unidata Equipment Award of $11,000 for their proposal, titled “Millersville University Content Repository for Boundary Layer, Ocean Science and Cyber-education Initiatives.” This award will fund equipment to host computer servers that will allow Millersville to archive and distribute various atmospheric and ocean sciences data sets to other institutional and individual users on both a national and global level.
  • Industry and technology professors, Drs. Barry David (not pictured), Mark Snyder, Scott Warner and John Wright, were awarded Laureate Citations for exemplary professional services by the Epsilon Pi Tau honorary society.
  • Dr. John Wallace, biology, was featured in a new video that was developed and distributed by the Buruli Ulcer Foundation, for his work focusing on the role that mosquitoes and the environment play in the transmission and maintenance of this disease. Buruli Ulcer is a necrotizing skin disease common throughout the equatorial regions of the world.
  • In the past year, Millersville faculty published 23 books and 147 articles and presented 288 papers at professional meetings and conferences, 50 at the international level. Faculty crafted 48 creative works, made 40 creative presentations, gave 24 performances or recitals, and had works exhibited in 50 shows.
  • Millersville faculty and staff achieved a record 133 grant submissions of more than $22 million (an increase of 37 and $13 million respectively over the previous year), with awards totaling more than $4.5 million.
  • Dr. Madeleine Darmiento, music, received a Fulbright Scholar Grant to the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki. While in Greece, Dr. Darmineto was in residence as a specialist in viola performance.
  • A grant of $123,134 was awarded by the National Science Foundation to Dr. Jason Price, earth sciences, to conduct a study of the influence of radiation damage on the solubility of epidote-group minerals during chemical weathering.
  • Dr. Patricia Hill, chemistry, was awarded a grant of $29,909 by the National Science Foundation and Georgia State University to fund a pair of chemistry and art workshops.
  • Professor Miriam Witmer, educational foundations and coordinator for the Color of Teaching, and Ms. Stacy Caldwell, academic services and retention, were awarded a $15,000 teacher workforce PASSHE grant.

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