Accessing Degree Audits

Accessing Degree Audits

If you are a student, you must use MAX to access your degree audit. You may use any computer with an Internet browser, including personal computers at home or in residence halls and MU computer labs. The MAX system is available on the Web 24/7, except Monday night from 6 p.m to Tuesday at 6 a.m. for maintenance. Degree Audit availability may be limited during early registration and grades processing. Check the Registrar's Office homepage before early registration and prior to finals week to verify when your Degree Audit will be available.

If you experience difficulty getting a degree audit using the Internet, you may request one at the Office of Academic Advisement in Lyle Hall. Academic Advisement requires a 24-hour advance notice for this service.

Running and Viewing Your Degree Audit on the Web

  1. Log on to Millersville University homepage
  2. Click on MAX: Banner Portal
  3. Type your User ID and PIN number, click Login.

    For enhanced security, you will be required to enter a security question and change your PIN the first time that you use MAX.

  4. Choose Student Services.
  5. Choose Advisement, then Degree Audit Report.

Note:  You have to submit an audit before you can view it. Click on Submit an Audit to request a degree audit for your current major. Minors, if any, will be included. On the next screen, click View Audits to see the list of audits you ran.

Audits are listed in the order in which you requested them, with the most recent one on top. If you don’t see the one you just processed, Refresh the List. It can take a few minutes for an audit to process. Click on the major under the View Link column to access your degree audit.

If you have more than one major, a separate audit will be processed for each major. General education requirements and minors are included under your primary major only.

To print the audit you are viewing, use the print command and printer designation for your Web browser. The audit number, rather than your name and student ID, will print in the header to protect your privacy. When finished, be sure to exit and close your browser to protect your privacy. You may even want to clear your cache, if you are using a public computer and are concerned that subsequent users will retrieve your cached information.

Note: Degree audits processed during the day will be deleted nightly.