Degree Audit Help

Degree Audit Help - Students

The NEW Degree Audits are here!

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Includes how to login, how to read the audits, and features of your NEW Degree Audit!

Degree Audit Help - Faculty

Accessing Degree Audits

Please click here to view access instructions. 

Finding Students (without knowing M#)


Manually Refreshing Audits During Restricted Times

During Early Registration, grading, or other times where audit data may be restricted to students due to heavy volume, Faculty and Staff will maintain the ability to view audits in real-time.

Degree audits are generally set to “dynamically refresh” which means that any time you pull up a degree audit, the most recent information is being pulled in (course registration, withdraw, grades, change of major, etc.)

If there is a notice on MAX that audits are not being “dynamically refreshed” (generally during early registration periods and grading), as a faculty or staff member who has access to audits, you may manually force the audit to refresh in order to view the most recent student registration/grades, etc.

To do this, after you have entered the M# or found the student you wish you review, you will click on the “Process New” button on the audit. This will force the processor to pull in the most current information for that student’s audit. 

Viewing an audit with only completed coursework

You may also use the "Process New" button to view an audit without in-progress or pre-registered courses.  If you wish to see an audit with only a student's successfully completed coursework, you can uncheck these boxes and "Process New."

Batch Audits

    • Within the new Degree Audit system, you are able to search for a population of students using 'Find Students' feature (see image above). This may help you to review audits for a specific population that you are looking for (i.e. all freshman in your department that have been admitted for Fall 2014).

    • Degree audits also can still be run in 'batch' mode and saved as a collection of PDF files for your review.

    • The department chair or school dean may request batch runs by sending an email to To get degree audits for the correct population, please be specific in your email request. For example, if you want degree audits for all of your majors who are currently enrolled, who have earned fewer than 40 credits and have not taken a particular course yet, indicate all of these parameters in your request.