CLEP Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

What is CLEP?

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States with more than 2,900 colleges and universities awarding credit for satisfactory scores on CLEP exams. Since 1967, five million people -adults returning to college, graduating high school seniors, and enrolled college students-have earned college credit through CLEP.

The CLEP Examinations

CLEP is a series of 33 examinations that allow individuals to earn college credit for what they already know, regardless of where or how they learned it by passing a 90-minute multiple choice examination. At Millersville University, a student can earn several semesters of credit by achieving satisfactory scores on CLEP exams.

What subjects are offered for credit?

There are two types of examinations:

  • General Examinations (6) - measure knowledge of a broad, general nature, similar to survey courses usually covered in the first two years of college. They are used to meet basic general education or liberal arts requirements. These six exams include English Composition with Essay, English Composition without Essay, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences & History.  MATHEMATICS IS NOT AVAILABLE*
  • Subject Examinations (29) - measure knowledge usually acquired in subject-specific college courses. These exams include introductory courses in the areas of Business, Composition & Literature, Foreign Languages, History & Social Sciences, and Science & Mathematics.

What are the Exams like?

The 33 examinations offered are all 90 minutes long. With the exception of English Composition with Essay, the exams are composed of two sections of multiple-choice questions. These exams require college-level knowledge and critical thinking ability. Sufficient preparation is required to do well.

What is Millersville's CLEP policy?

CLEP is a program of the College Board, which includes 6 General Examinations and 29 Subject Examinations. Six (6) credits are awarded for scores of 50 or above on each of the CLEP General Examinations. Credit is not granted for CLEP General Examinations taken after 15 college credits have been earned, or in discipline areas where college-level coursework has been completed, whether the course was passed or not.

Three (3) to six (6) credits are awarded to students who earn a score of 50 or higher on a CLEP Subject Examination. Currently enrolled MU students must obtain written departmental approval prior to taking a Subject Examination.

When are the CLEP exams administered at MU?

CLEP exams are offered on the first Wednesday of every month during the Fall 2014 semester. Check with the MU Test Center for the schedule and availability, which is subject to change.

What does the exam cost?

Effective January, 2014, the fee for each exam is $80 which is paid via the 'MyAccount' link on the CLEP website. This fee must be paid prior to your exam date. Please bring your payment confirmation with you to the test center on the day of your exam. The MU Test Center charges an additional registration fee of $20, due when the Registration-Admission form is submitted online.

How to register to take a CLEP exam

First, review the the MU CLEP Policy and make sure the CLEP credits can fit into your program of study. 

MU undergraduate students should  first consult with their academic advisor.  Enrolled MU undergraduate students must obtain written department approval prior to scheduling a CLEP Subject exam. The department's approval must be submitted via email to the Registrar's Office before scheduling or taking a CLEP Subject exam. 

Enrolled or admitted MU graduate students must obtain approval from their program coordinator.

Once appropriate permissions are obtained, submit our onlnine registration form. There you will Schedule a test date and time pay the registration fee.  You will receive an email notification confirming your appointment and eligibility.  (Click here for appointments scheduling information).

How to prepare for a CLEP Exam

The Official Study Guide for the CLEP Examinations contains descriptions of all 35 CLEP exams, sample questions and answers, test-taking strategies, and general information about credit-by-examination. The Study Guide can be purchased from the college bookstore or ordered from the College Board web site. It is also highly recommended to supplement the CLEP Study Guide with the college-level text used at your institution to teach the course for which you are preparing to substitute a CLEP exam. The latter is more content-specific and in-depth. Other sources of CLEP preparation materials can be found and purchased on the web by visiting the sites of well-known booksellers.

Your test scores

The official score report will be received by the designated institution in three weeks. (Allow longer time for the English Composition with Essay exam).  MU students will receive notice from the registrar on credit awarded for the equivalent MU course in four to six weeks after the exam date.

What credit is received?

Upon receipt of a passing score of 50 or above, the Registrar will award the same credit hours noted in the CLEP policy statement for the equivalent MU catalog course title and number. (Refer to the MU CLEP Test Equivalency List PDF). No letter grades are recorded on the transcript.

How can more information be obtained on CLEP in general?

Obtain a CLEP Information for Candidates booklet from the MU Test Center or log on to the College Board web site to print a copy or for additional information. The MU Test Center can be contacted at:

MU Test Center
232 Lyle Hall
Millersville University
Box 1002
Millersville , PA 17551-0302

Phone: 717-871-4168