Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Team

Although Skully and Marauder have been residents of Millersville for several years, the mascot team is a new addition this past ‘08-‘09 school year.  The mascot team works diligently to help support Skully and Marauder at on and off campus events.  They attend events with the two mascots and help keep track of the mascots keep track of where the big red bird is at all times. 

You may often see members of the team at sporting events, open houses, or just around campus spreading Millersville pride.   Team members are enthusiastic, fun-loving, creative, humorous, and overflowing with university pride.

September 2008 was the first time that the mascot team held open auditions for new team members and mascot performers.  The audition process was an overwhelming success and the mascot team of 6 doubled to 12!  There will continue to be annual auditions depending upon the number of students in the team, and the amount of interest shown in new performers.  Mascot Team member's duties include, (but are defiantly not limited to):

  • Accompanying the Millersville Mascots to events on and off campus.
  • Developing skits, dances, and activities to boost moral at sports events.
  • Participating in weekly creative meetings held with the mascot team and team coordinator.
  • Reflecting the moral integrity of the university as representatives of Millersville University.
  • Following NCAA codes of ethical conduct and sportsmanship.

Interesting in joining the team?  E-mail or call 871-5828 and ask for Alex.

"I love the rush you get when you are standing in the front of the football stadium, with the entire crowd cheering.  It's the most unique feeling in the world to create an entirely different persona other than yourself."

"The only thing that you can ever garuentee is that you will have a blast in costume!"

"I've had the opportunity to travel to Harrisburg, Reading, Maryland, and Kutztown with the Mascot team.  I'm always having fun wherever we go!"

"It's the best job on campus!"

For some people, going to work means sitting behind a desk.  For some, it means waiting tables.  However for the students on the MU Mascot Team, work involves baby sitting a seven foot red parrot with an attitude!