Civic & Community Engagement Opportunities

Student Profile

  • Molly Caldwell
  • Hometown: Conestoga, PA
  • Major: Speech Communication
  • "With help from Bob Walker's generous endowment to Millersville University, I was able to be a part of the inaugural class of Walker Center Leadership Fellows, which would not have been possible without the generosity and vision that donors like Mr. Walker share with Millersville." –Molly Caldwell

Civic & Community Engagement Benefits

David Botte (Click to see more success stories.)

Support Civic & Community Engagement at Millersville

Millersville University believes in community engagement as part of preparing its students to become good citizens and future community leaders. The university reaches out in many ways—arranging student internships, sharing faculty expertise, assisting nonprofits, promoting entrepreneurial thinking, and offering community-focused research and problem-solving.

Millersville is where it all begins for so many young people: Community involvement and civic engagement, once inspired, can grow and flourish for decades. The passion to achieve, once ignited, can carry the ideals of service forward for a lifetime.

Your support is crucial in sustaining programs in which students often find themselves undergoing transformational experiences and discovering new passions that stay with them for life.