Instructional Opportunities

Student Profile

  • Jack Bowling
  • Hometown: Avondale, PA
  • Major: Graphic Communications
  • "By using a Flexographic printing press I now have a greater appreciation of working on something from start to finish. To actually see my own design being run and produced on a Mark Andy 2200 press has aided me in striving for quality in all areas of my education. Donations like this help produce a more well rounded student. I'll be able to enter the business world with a better understanding of how things are done." –Jack Bowling

Instructional Equipment Benefits

Provide Instructional Equipment to Millersville

Tennis without a racket, baseball without a bat? Try chemistry without test tubes. It should go without saying that scientific research requires microscopes, lab and testing equipment…that plays require sound and lighting…that computer science requires computers…and that concerts require musical instruments. Somehow, though, the need for instructional equipment tends to be easily overlooked.

You can help both students and faculty with committed, ongoing support for purchasing the essential equipment for hands-on learning of all kinds.