Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Throughout the 2013/2014 academic year, The Learning Institute: Global Well-Being and Social Change will be offering a number of workshops and presentations around the theme of YOUTH VIOLENCE. Brief descriptions of these thematic events are described below.

The Learning Institute is possible due to the following support:

CCERP: Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change
Department of Educational Foundations
Department of Sociology
Noonan Fund
President's Commission on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion
University Theme Committee: Scholars in the Classroom

Sergio ArguetaSeptember 19, 2013

Gangs and Alternatives to Incarceration
Mr. Sergio Argueta, MSW, Director of BSW Program at Adelphi University. Mr. Argueta founded S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth, Inc., one of the leading gang prevention and intervention agencies in the Northeast region.  Collaborating with community leaders, professionals, and youth, S.T.R.O.N.G. has been able to spread its message of non-violence and urge legislators to provide alternatives to harsher penalties.

Ford Atrium,
McComsey Hall 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Cost: $25 (3 CEUs)
Light refreshments will be served. 

October 23, 2013

Voices of Youth Violence Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion
A 60-minute documentary describing experiences and concerns about safety of youth at school, at home, and in the streets as reported from incarcerated teens, gang members, parents, teachers, and psychologists. A panel discussion will follow.

The Ware Center, Steinman Hall
6:00-9:00 p.m.
Cost: Free but advance ticketing to attend event is required (contact MU Ticketing Office at 717-872-3811 to reserve your tickets or reserve online at http://muticketsonline.com/)

Ms. Eileen StarrNovember 6, 2013

Mental Illness and Youth Violence: What We Know
Ms. Eileen Starr, MSW, LCSW, School Based Therapist, Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services.

Examine/explore risk and protective factors related to youth with mental illness who commit violent acts.

Student Memorial Center, Rm 24
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cost: $25 (3 CEUs); $5 for MU Students
Light refreshments and materials are included.

Dr. Adam Brown

December 6, 2013

Trauma Systems Therapy (TST): Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Dr. Adam Brown, a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical assistant professor in child and adolescent psychiatry at NYU Child Study Center, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Trauma systems therapy (TST) is a clinical evidence-based model for integrating treatment of traumatic stress in children and adolescents. Specifically, TST conceptualizes the development of a trauma system, which comprises two main elements: 1) a traumatized child who is not able to regulate emotional states, and 2) a social environment and/or system of care that is not sufficiently capable to help the child contain this dysregulation. A trauma system thus emerges when a failure of the natural systemic balance between the developing child and her/his social environment occurs. This workshop will introduce participants to the phased based TST model, tools of assessment, treatment planning, and interventions using the Emotion Regulation Guide. Hands on, small group team simulation will be offered whereby participants can apply acquired tools to work up a case.

Student Memorial Center, Rm 24
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $175 (6 CEUs with certificate to implement TST, morning and afternoon refreshments, and all workshop materials); $25 for MU Students

February 7, 2014

Arts-Based Treatment with Youth Exposed to Trauma

Dr. Jennifer Clements, LCSW, Associate Professor, Shippensburg University.

Dr. Clements is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Pennsylvania and a Level 1 Certified Trauma Specialist (CTS). She recently traveled to Rwanda to work with children in orphanages using art therapy.

Dr. Karen Rice, LSW, ACSW & Dr. Heather Girvin, MSS, Assistant Professors at Millersville University

Drs. Rice and Girvin have many years of practice experience working with youth who have experienced trauma through child abuse and/or neglect. They developed an intervention approach using photo-elicitation to engage youth in dialogue to bring about positive change for themselves and within their community.

Participants will have opportunities for hands-on activities throughout this workshop. 

Student Memorial Center,
Rm 24, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $75(6 CEUs); $10 for MU Students
Light refreshments and materials are included. 

Dr. Marc Felizzi

March 14, 2014

Working with Youth At-Risk and Their Families

Dr. Marc Felizzi, LCSW, Assistant Professor, Millersville University.

Dr. Marc Felizzi has spent the last 20 years working with and researching children, adolescents and their families. He has examined the effects of family violence, juvenile violence, and the consequences of family instability on youth.

Dr. Ann Gantt

Dr. Ann L. Gantt, LCSW, School Social Worker, School District of Lancaster

Dr. Gantt has 20+ years of social work experience working extensively with children and families in a variety of areas including child welfare, drug and alcohol prevention, schools, hospitals, and day treatment.

Student Memorial Center, Rm 24
9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Cost: $50 (6 CEUs); $10 for MU Students
Light refreshments and materials are included.

Barry KornhauserApril 22, 2014

Bullying: Through Their Eyes
A photo exhibition will be on display outside Steinman Hall that depicts local youths’ perceptions of bullying through the lens of a bully, victim, and bystander. Some of the stories from these photos were used to create a dramatic presentation, which will be performed under the direction of Mr. Barry Kornhauser, Family Arts Collaborative Manager, The Ware Center, Millersville University. A discussion with the youth will follow the performance.

The Ware Center, Steinman Hall
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Cost: Free but advance ticketing to attend event is required (contact MU Ticketing Office at 717-872-3811 to reserve your tickets or reserve online at http://muticketsonline.com/)