Software Productization Center

Past Collaborations

Since its formation in January of 2008, the SPC has completed four application cycles. 

Companies the Software Productization Center has worked with include:

  • Haydenfilms, 2011
  • Runoff Studios, 2010
  • MRG Power Laboratories, 2009
  • Cruzstar and Express Dynamics were both selected as concurrent projects due to the complementary nature of the requirements for the projects, 2008


From May 2011 to November 2011, the SPC worked with Haydenfilms to productize Cemboo, an innovative new software as a service (SaaS) that empowers content owners to control, monetize and distribute their own digital media content. The SPC collaborated with Haydenfilms to create the software infrastructure, animation, the website for customer administration, website copy and business plan for this new product.

Hayden with students

Runoff Studios

From May 2010 to January 2011, the SPC worked with Runoff Studios, a local game developer with an educational and environmentally friendly mission. This SPC collaboration produced Face the Waste, the first game release from Runoff Studios. Face the Waste is aimed at educating kids about the environment in a fun and creative way. Players sort items from conveyor belts into the appropriate recycling bins while trying to stop Toxic Tim, the evil villain of the game, from interfering.  Face the Waste is available from the iTunes App store for just 99 cents! In keeping with their environmental goals, Runoff Studios will be donating five cents for every sale of Face the Waste up to 50 thousand dollars to the National Environmental Education Foundation.

The SPC collaborated with Runoff Studios on the game itself (computer science students developed the code for the game and design students created all of the graphics within the game), but also worked to create a marketing plan for the game, and the logo and branding for Runoff Studios.

SPC Students and Runoff Studios Staff

Left to Right: Matthew Pape (Computer Science), Aaron Chu (Art/Design), Angele Lilley (Runoff Studios), Jake Walker (Runoff Studios), Amanda Godley (Accounting), Michelle Winey (Art/Design), Bob Grube (Computer Science)

MRG Power Laboratories: September 2009 through April 2010


The SPC worked with MRG Power Labs to develop software to interact with their new product, the Grease Thief Analyzer. The software automates necessary calculations and allows lab technicians to view the results on any networked computer. They can compare the data to baseline values or other previous samples, both numerically and graphically, as well as generate textually or graphical reports of the analysis. SPC members also collaborated with MRG Power Labs staff on existing branding, marketing, and business plans for the product.


MRG Power Labs
The Maintenance Reliability Group (MRG) specialize in the development and implementation of predictive maintenance programs, as well as the application of diagnostic technologies for industrial equipment. The programs and technologies they have developed have enabled industrial clients to more accurately locate, predict, and prevent mechanical problems, saving both time and money.

Grease Thief
Grease analysis is a very new market in preventative maintenance, and is often overlooked because it is often expensive and time consuming to take an accurate sample from a given machine. MRG Power Labs has invented a grease sampling device, called the Grease Thief™, which quickly and easily allows for consistent and representative samples to be taken from the machine every time. In conjunction with the sampler, they have also invented the Grease Thief™ Analyzer, which is designed to measure the consistency of the sampled grease.

Grease Thief Analyzer Software
The software developed by the SPC reads input from the Grease Thief™ Analyzer and automates many of the otherwise tedious and time consuming calculations. It allows users to track the dates and times of sample analysis, as well as information on the client such as where the sample originated and what piece of machinery it was taken from. The software allows users to compare new samples to existing base values and past samples from the same machinery, enabling them to track machine degradation. The software displays data points numerically and graphically, and generates both text and graphically based detailed analysis reports. 

SPC Students and MRG Staff

Back Row Left to Right: Pattie Herbert (MRG), Rich Wurzbach (MRG), Anthony Paparella (Art/Design), Amanda Mutschler (Business), Terrell Mcintire (Art/Design), Sara Beaver (Art / Design), George Leach (Business), Elyse Dougherty (Computer Science), Eric Straub (MRG), Matthew Pape (Computer Science)
Front Row Left to Right: Bill Doherty (MRG), Lisa Williams (MRG), Erin Kauffman (Art/Design)
Lisa Williams of York Labs with SPC team members
Lisa Williams (front) of MRG Power Labs poses with SPC team members (rear, from left) Erin Kauffman (Art/Design), Elyse Dougherty (Computer Science), Dr. Stephanie Elzer, and Trevor Scheitrum (Computer Science).

CruzCourt: December 2008 through October 2009


The SPC worked with Cruzstar to create the software for their new service, Cruzcourt. The software provides the employees of Cruzcourt's corporate clients with a secure, web-based ordering system through which they can order meals to be delivered to their offices. The SPC developed four primary panels for Cruzcourt, one for each type of user who will interact with the system: 1) the employees, 2) the corporate managers, 3) the kitchens and caterers providing the food, and 4) the Cruzcourt administrators who oversee the entire system operation. The graphic design students used a clean, simple design strategy to mask the more complex technologies behind the system, making ordering as easy and uncomplicated as possible for users. On October 15, 2009, the SPC and Cruzstar hosted a launch party to celebrate the results of this collaboration at the Murata Business Center in Carlisle - see pictures and more information from the launch here.


Launched in 2007, Cruzstar LLC. is an internet service company that provides online meal ordering and management for professionals. The service offers a web-based system that allows organizations to consolidate expense and payment info, as well as reduce administrative overhead in routine meal ordering for business functions. In addition, Cruzstar also provides sales lead generation for its over 25 restaurant and catering partners around the Harrisburg, PA area. Cruzstar is currently located in the Harrisburg Chamber and CREDC's business incubator, the Murata Business Center, in Carlisle, PA. The company moved into the facility shortly after winning the 2008 Murata Great Business Challenge in April.

Cruzstar will soon offer its new subsidiary service, Cruzcourt. Cruzcourt is an online cafeteria system for small to mid-size businesses (of 75 - 300 employees). Instead of venturing out of the office and wasting time looking for food, employees use the Cruzcourt system to order daily lunches from their desktop and have them delivered right to their office. In addition, corporations will have the ability to offer subsidized meals, meal plans, and a rewards program through Cruzcourt. The benefits of Cruzcourt are two-fold - organizations can offer convenient in-house meals for their employees, all while boosting workplace productivity and morale.

Adrian Fang (President)
Adrian first developed the concept of Cruzstar in 2006 shortly after listening to peers vent their frustration over managing food orders for sales meetings. Adrian immediately sought out to assemble a team and build a service technology that would help both professionals and vendors in the restaurant and catering industry. Prior to forming Cruzstar, Adrian was in charge of developing interactive, e-learning material for over 65,000 federal employees of the Social Security Administration. With an experience in IT, web design and video interactivity, Adrian was able to blend his working knowledge of technology and food to formulate Cruzstar.

Adrian holds a B.A. in English from Lafayette College and attended Johns Hopkins University for Information Security.

Aaron Fang (Vice President)
Aaron leads Cruzstar's marketing strategy, customer acquisition, and business development. Prior to joining Cruzstar, Aaron has held sales and marketing positions at Schering-Plough, where he grew revenue 150%, increasing sales revenue by $1.5 million. As an experienced entrepreneur, Aaron also spent three years developing First Advance Corporation which was later acquired in 2006. In addition, he was previously in charge of developing revenue management platforms for Johnson and Johnson's accounts receivable portfolio, which resulted in a cost savings of $1 million for the company.

Aaron holds a B.S. degree in Logistics and a M.B.A. with concentration in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University.

Express Dynamics: December 2008 through May 2009

The Company
Express Dynamics is an innovative business management software solutions provider located in Central Pennsylvania since 2002. Its founders and senior management are veterans of the software industry who believe that there is a better way to deliver customized software solutions to businesses. That new custom software engine is called WorkXpress.

The Product
Express Dynamics' WorkXpress engine makes the development of custom business software easy, fast and affordable by eliminating the slow and expensive process of writing code and data modeling. Business users who are not software developers can build sophisticated custom applications that are able to grow and evolve with the business. Inspired by Henry Ford's model of automation, this software solutions platform combines the best characteristics of pre-built software with the flexibility of custom solutions. Through this innovative approach, solutions are deployed within weeks, and change requests are implemented within hours so that businesses can continuously increase revenues, decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction with business management software that fits their exact needs.

Treff LaPlante (CEO)
Treff LaPlante has been involved with technology for nearly 20 years. At Express Dynamics, LLC he passionately drives the vision of making customized enterprise software easy, fast and affordable.

Prior to joining Express Dynamics, Treff was Director of Operations for eBay's Homes Direct. While there he created strategic relationships with Fortune 500 companies and national broker networks and began his foray into the development of flexible workflow software technologies. He served on the management team that sold HomesDirect to eBay. During his time at Vivendi-Universal Interactive, Treff was Director of Strategy. In addition to M&A activities Treff broadly applied quantitative management principles to Sales, Marketing and Product line functions. Treff served as the point person for the management team that sold Cendant Software to Vivendi-Universal. Earlier positions include Product Management and National Sales Trainer for Energy Design Systems, an engineering software company. Treff began his professional career as a Metals Trader for Randall Trading Corp, a commodities firm that specialized in bartering and transporting various metals and coal from the then dissolving Soviet Union. Treff received his MBA from Pepperdine University and a BS in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Treff LaPlante of Express Dynamics with members of the SPC team
Back row: Business students Ryan McElvaney, Mike Wass and Brett Herrmann with Treff LaPlante (CEO of Express Dynamics)
Front row: Chris Willet (Art/Design), Amy Duggan (Communication/PR), and Erin Kauffman (Art/Design)