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Preparing to Face the Waste

On Tuesday, October 26th, 2010, the SPC and Runoff Studios presented the culmination of their recent collaboration, a game called Face the Waste for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The project was both enlightening and exhilarating for Millersville students and their partners at Runoff Studios. Attendees were presented with the chance to partake in a number of eco-friendly crafts and activities, demo Face the Waste on the iPod Touch and iPad, and even meet the game's villain Toxic Tim in person!

Amanda Godley at the Face the Waste Launch Party

Kate Anderson, Bob Grube, Anthony Paparella, Aaron Chu, Michelle Winey, Matthew Pape, and Amanda Godley pose with Toxic Tim

Face the Waste in Action

Geared Up To Launch

On Thursday, May 13, 2010, the SPC celebrated its recently completed collaboration with MRG Power Laboratories to create software for their Grease Thief Analyzer.  This partnership, once again, proved very successful for both the company and the Millersville students involved in the project.  The Geared Up To Launch party was filled with software and hardware demonstrations, as well as informative presentations about the students' work and the Grease Thief Analyzer itself.  Plenty of networking opportunities were available, and a great time was had by all.  The SPC would like to extend our thanks to MRG Power Labs for all of their hard work throughout this project!

Geared Up To Launch

Grease Thief LaunchGrease Thief LaunchGrease Thief LaunchGrease Thief LaunchGrease Thief LaunchGrease Thief Launch

The Cruzcourt Premiere

On Thursday, October 15, 2009, the Software Productization Center and Cruzstar hosted the Cruzcourt Premiere to showcase the success of their collaboration. The event was held at the Murata Business Center in Carlisle, PA, home of Cruzstar/Cruzcourt. Demos of the Cruzcourt software were available, and attendees were able to use the system to place customized orders that were actually prepared for them by one of the caterers. A good time was had by all - a great way to celebrate a great SPC/Cruzstar collaboration.

Guests were greeted by the            One of the attendees, placing an order in the Cruzcourt system.

The Premiere included a lot of mingling and networking opportunities.          

eMarketing Primer

In March of 2009, the SPC held the first in what will be a series of public events and seminars. The eMarketing Primer was aimed at helping small businesses harness the power of the Internet for use in marketing, advertising, and other aspects of their business. There were several speakers from local businesses and from within Millersville who presented on different topics. They included:

  • David DiRusso, Millersville University: eMarketing Fundamentals
  • Doug Logan, Inovat: Choosing the Right Tools
  • Joe Sharp, Sharp Innovations: Cost Factors
  • Katie Stafford, Godfrey Advertising: Case Study (using one Primer attendee's small business)
Look for information about similar events hosted by the SPC in fall 2009/spring 2010!