Faculty Funding Opportunities

University and State System Programs

The principal internal grant program for funding faculty research is the Faculty Grants Program. These awards, made exclusively to faculty, support a variety of activities including research, publication, travel to present, special academic activities, and release time. In addition to the faculty grants program, the University makes other awards, such as those awarded to students, available. These awards can help faculty engage undergraduates in research projects.

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania also provides research funds for faculty interested in examining the impacts of state polcies on the Commonwealth's 3.5 million rural citizens. More specifically, the Center for Rural Pennsylvania is a  legislative agency that serves as a resource for rural policy within the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

The Center promotes and sustains the vitality of Pennsylvania's rural and small communities by:

  • sponsoring research projects to identify policy options for legislative and executive branch consideration and action;
  • collecting data on trends and conditions to understand the diversity of rural Pennsylvania;
  • publishing information and research results to inform and educate audiences about the diverse people and communities of rural Pennsylvania; and
  • participating in local, state and national forums on rural issues to present and learn from best practices.

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania sponsors an annual grant program. The RFP is typically released mid-March with proposal due in late June.

Other Local Programs

Keystone Innovation Zone Seed/Assistance Fund - This grant supports innovation within higher education and between higher education and private business. Specifically, these funds assist in the product commercialization, product or technological, and assistance in completing a milestone project catalyzing growth. These projects may include:

  • Design/development of a product or process
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Market assessments/feasibility analysis
  • Technology assessments
  • Proof of concept studies
  • Production feasibility analysis
  • Financial and business modeling
  • E-commerce tools or applications

Guides to Federal Funding Opportunities

The power point presentations linked below provide excellent information on Federal funding opportunities in specific fields.

Guides to Private Foundations

Foundation Directory – The Foundation Directory offers information on private and corporate foundations that limit gift giving to the Commonwealth and mid-Atlantic.