Proposal Review and Approval

Proposal Review and Approval

All proposals to external agencies, whether federal, state or private, must pass through the University’s internal review process before submission. This process is in place to insure that all budget, legal, and infrastructural requirements outlined in the grant can be met by the University. These requirements range from proper budgeting for released time, use of University facilities, space, or IT infrastructure, and human or animal subjects review. If the University cannot meet your grant requirements, the approval process will be delayed until all requirements can be met. If a deadline is looming, this could prevent your submission.

The review process is initiated when you submit a completed proposal approval form to the chair and dean, or appropriate administrators, of the department or division in which the grant will be housed. Once signed, the form is moved to OSPRS for review and signature and then to other offices across campus, culminating with the University Provost and President. This process can take up to a week to complete, so budget your time accordingly.

Because failure to complete the approval process can result in a failed proposal, it is critical that you communicate with all interested parties before you submit the proposal for approval. When in doubt, contact the OFGS for assistance or clarification.


Once the form has received all signatures, it is returned to the OFGS. A copy will be sent to the author and all signatories.

The Proposal Approval Form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Beginning in Fall 2013, the proposal approval process will no longer be a paper-based process. Instead, the University is instituting a completely on-line process. The hope is that this will significantly speed proposal approval. If you would like to know more about this system, please do not hesiutate to conatct Rene Munoz, Director, Sponsored Programs and Research Administration.