Homecoming Crew

Homecoming 2014

Homecoming Crew

Homecoming is going big this year with an entire spirit week of events planned... but we need some tremendous help from students to help organize, plan, set up, and run some of the events! There are quite a few benefits to helping out crew including possible future internships, a great way to get involved and also make friends.

We are looking for all grades of involvement from managing, to set up and tear down, and even advertising. These are the three main positions:


Captains will attend homecoming meetings and will be in charge of running a particular event. It will be up to the Captains to determine the resources they need and should know exactly what is going on with their event at all times.


Crew makes up the backbone of everything related to homecoming. They will help set up, run, moderate, judge and tear down the various events. They can be involved in multiple events, or just one if preferred.

Street Team:

Street Team is crucial in spreading the word about homecoming and the homecoming events happening this year. Whether it's chalking up sidewalks, putting up posters, or just telling friends the Street Team will be what makes homecoming happen.

In addition, Crew get's to work on a multitude of events and competitions. We'll also work around your schedule!