The Ville-age

The Ville-age

October 21st - October 25th

The Ville-age is a TerraCycle competition! All you have to do is collect your waste items that are accepted by TerraCycle, give it to the Center for Sustainability and you can save a life!

TerraCycle is a company that up cycles items such as energy bar wrappers, old Brita filters, and empty toothpaste tubes. Visit the TerraCycle website to explore the company, its methods, and its products.

It works by collecting items that are included in brigades. You collect the items in a box or bin that is lined with a plastic bag. It is not required to separate the items as you collect, but some items are easier to collect in a Ziplock bag (such as wrappers, cheese packaging, and toothbrushes). Once your box is full, or you are done, just drop your items off at the Center for Sustainability in the Huntington House (on George St. across from the University Store).

Click here to see the list of brigades!

Also, you can find more information about the Ville-age competition here!

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