Why should men care?

Men are assaulted.

Statistics show that about 10-20% of men will be assaulted during their lifetime. Men can be/are victims of sexual assault, like many survivors they don't tend to speak out for fear of being considered weak, gay, or dishonest. As a result they do not talk about their victimization, and without help some turn to depression, substance abuse and even suicide.

Men know survivors.

1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted, and 1 in 10 victims of assault are men. This means that for every four women you know, including your family, 1 of them has been assaulted. For every ten men you know, 1 of them has been assaulted. It is important for men to be aware of the issue so that they can respond with sensitivity, compassion and understanding when someone approaches them for help. It will also affect men's relationships with others, as many have a hard time trusting men after an assault. Statistics show that survivors of assault do much better in the long run with a supportive male figure, whether it be a partner, boyfriend, father or brother.

Men can help stop the violence.

Men can help put a stop to the violence by raising awareness and speaking out against sexual violence. The more people who stand against the violence, the safer the world will be. 



  • May second guess about their sexuality, masculinity, or reluctance to be examined for medical procedures.
  • Male victims need to know that any male can be a victim
  • Sexual violence is a crime of violence and power, not of lust or passion.
  • Men can also be sexually assaulted by women, though reported occurrences of this are not statistically common.
  • Men may not report for fear of being viewed as less masculine or fear of their story introducing ridicule from peers. 

All survivors feel these, but men may experience them differently

  • Guilt – that he couldn’t prevent it
  • Shame – may feel “weak," or like “less of a "real man.""
  • Fear – blamed, judged, laughed at, or not believed.
  • Denial – self-destructive behavior to hide (alcohol, drugs, etc.)
  • Anger – toward people that remind him of perpetrator
  • Sadness – depressed, withdraw, powerless  
It’s not your fault, you are not alone, there are resources available to you. These resources can be found to the left of this list.