Co-op Evaluation Forms

Co-op MID Evaluation Forms

Mid Placement Evaluations - this form is to be used as a tool between the student teacher, cooperating teacher and supervisor midway through the placement to evaluate the progress of the student teacher.  These forms should not be submitted to the Student Teaching Office. 

Co-op FINAL Evaluation Forms

Final Evaluations - this form should be completed by the cooperating teacher at the end of the student teacher's placement.  All final evaluations are now entered online.  Please refer to the instructions below for completing this form.  Although this form is being completed online, the Student Teaching Office will still need a hard copy on file with your signature.  Please remember to print, sign, date and secure the student teacher's initials on the form.  You should submit your hard-copy to the university supervisor, who will then submit your copy to the Student Teaching Office.

  • Please CLICK HERE for directions for entering your Spring 2015 student teacher's final evaluation.

If you are experiencing trouble completing the online final evaluations, please click here to read about Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are experiencing trouble logging into the system, please contact Pam Via at (717) 871-5561 or

For all other questions regarding evaluations, please contact Dr. John Ward at (717) 872-3835.  Dr. Ward can also be reached by emailing