Sustainable Scavenger Hunt

Sustainable Scavenger Hunt

ScavengerDo you want to know where the newest solar panels are going in on campus? Or where you can charge an electric vehicle?  Or maybe you just want to know where you can fill up your water bottle with water from Millersville’s underground aquifer.  MU’s Sustainable Scavenger Hunt has got you covered.  You’ll have the opportunity to see features that make Millersville sustainable while familiarizing yourself with campus.  Along the way, you’ll learn how you can get involved in Millersville’s broader sustainability efforts and you might just bump into others who see a little shade of green in MU’s black and gold.

How to Play

Are you ready to embrace your inner Marauder? Here's how to join the Sustainable Scavenger Hunt.

  • The Sustainable Scavenger Hunt includes 15 sustainable campus features.
  • Find each sustainable campus feature using the MU Sustainable Scavenger Hunt Map below or go to the full-page map here.
  • Search for a QR code near each feature. Scan it to reveal a question about that feature.
  • Answer the question using information around the feature or through a little bit of searching online using your smartphone.
  • Return to the Student Memorial Center (Rm 18) when you're done to verify your answers and pick up a reward for your efforts.
  • Share your adventure on social media using hashtags #SustainMyVille and #Marauder.

Sustainable Scavenger Hunt Map