'Ville Unplugged

'Ville Unplugged

'Ville Unplugged

‘Ville Unplugged is a three-week, energy-conservation campaign focused on reducing campus energy use through simple actions such as turning off lights and computers when not in use. Simple actions like these can reduce energy use by up to 20 percent and they are a critical part of the energy management strategy presented in Millersville’s Climate Action Plan.

'Ville Unplugged 2017 lasts from April 9th through April 30th. New this year, Millersville University is competing in the national energy conservation competition, Campus Conservation Nationals.

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate in ‘Ville Unplugged by:

  • Shutting off lights in apartments, classrooms and offices when you leave.
  • Turning off your computer and desktop printer when not in use.
  • Choosing natural light over the light switch where appropriate.
  • Using space heaters and fans thoughtfully.
  • Unplugging chargers, appliances and other devices to eliminate vampire load.

You can share your energy-saving ideas, actions, and experiences on social media using the hashtag #SustainMyVille.

Residence Hall and Classroom Building Competition

New in 2017, 'Ville Unplugged will feature a competition among the residence halls to see which hall can reduce the most energy.  All residence halls can participate and East Village, West Village, and South Village can track their performance real-time using the new Millersville Energy Dashboard.  The residence hall that reduces the most energy on a percentage basis over the three week period wins bragging rights and a trophy!

Seven classroom buildings will compete in a separate competition to see which classroom building can save the most electricity during this time.  The classroom building that saves the most electricity on a percentage basis wins bragging rights and a trophy!

Check out the 'Ville Unplugged link on Millersville's Energy Dashboard to see which residence hall and classroom building is out in front every day during the competition period.

Become an Energy Change Maker

Each week of ‘Ville Unplugged will feature giveaways and new ways to win prizes.  Students can complete new tasks each week.  Complete all three and become a Certified Energy Change Maker.

Visit the ‘Ville Unplugged Table each week throughout April for giveaways, a chance to win prizes and to learn more. 

There are two ‘Ville Unplugged table locations:

  • South Village Patio. Sundays in April from 4 to 6pm, and
  • Student Memorial Center Juice Bar Table, Thursdays in April from 12 to 1pm.

The weekly steps to becoming a certified Energy Change Maker.

Week 1, Decision Maker Week (April 9th - 15th):

Visit the Ville Unplugged Table to pledge to conserve energy through good decision-making and the actions on this Pledge Form.  Take a picture of yourself engaged in one of the actions at any point during the week and bring the picture to the 'Ville Unplugged table the following Thursday or Sunday to be entered to win gift cards and a solar-powered device charger.

Week 2, Play Maker Week (April 16th - 22nd):

Visit any residence hall front desk to borrow a Kill-A-Watt electricity usage monitor at any point during the week.  Use the Kill-A-Watt to measure how much electricity you devices and appliances consume.  Record the amount on the Watt Usage Form and turn the form into the 'Ville Unplugged Table the following Thursday or Sunday to win gift cards and a solar-powered device charger.

Week 3, Change Maker Week (April 23rd - 30th):

Organize an energy conservation activity at any point during the week, take a picture or otherwise prove you did it and bring it to the 'Ville Unplugged Table on Thursday April 27th or Sunday April 30th to be certified as an Energy Change Maker.  Receive an Energy Change Maker window decal, endless admiration and be entered to win gift cards and one of three solar-powered device chargers.

Got involved late?  Don't worry, you can complete previous week's tasks at any point during the three week period.  Just turn in all materials to the 'Ville Unplugged table by April 30th.