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The Tutoring Center - Certified Tutors

Congratulations to the following tutors who completed the College of Reading and Learning Association - International Tutor Level 1 or Level 2 Certification Program!

In Fall 2016, tutors also completed the MU Counseling and Human Development Department's Campus Connect Training.

Fall 2016 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Gregg Brubaker - Chemistry; Campus Connect
Zach Cober - Physics
Peter Craine - Math; Campus Connect
Brooke Crumbling - Biology
Lindsey Ditzler - Earth Sciences
Abigail Donmoyer - Art, Earth Sciences, Math, Sociology & Wellness
Eric Dougherty - Computer Science
Brandon Frey - Chemistry, Math; Campus Connect
Quinn Minnich - Computer Science; Campus Connect
Ivanny Ottati - Chemistry; Campus Connect
Miranda Picarelli - Math; Campus Connect
Kayla Rafferty - Chemistry; Campus Connect
Leslie Sitlinger - Biology, Wellness; Campus Connect
Grace Smoot - Biology; Campus Connect
Marie Stoltzfus - Biology, Chemistry; Campus Connect
Darcey Young - Biology, Chemistry; Campus Connect

Spring 2016 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Margo Jacoby
Matthew Latschar
Ashley Orehek
Cody Petsch
Nicole Seese
Katelyn Spandra

Fall 2015 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Danice Austin
Kelly Brieva
Jessica Butts
Melinda Hatt
Karam Idrees
Ibragim Pashaliyev
Aaron Slotter
Kianna Wright

Spring 2015 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Hannah Brown
Kathleen Drachbar
Jenn Houtz
David Kay
Andrew Zimmerman

Fall 2014 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Derick Duffy
Kayloni Foor
Yihua (Akina) Li
Kevin Lubin
Jillian Penney
Austin Rittle
Kelly Snell

Fall 2013 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Janelle Biehl
James Cleary
Christopher Gojda
Curtis Thompson

Fall 2012 Level 1 Certified Tutors:   

Lisa Nguyen
Jilyssa Butler
Nicholas Villalta
Megan Pancoast
Brian Smith
Rebecca Panassow
Emily Yost
Jessica Taheri
Jean Casimir

Fall 2011 Level 1 Certified Tutors:

Julia Corbin
Katherine Cusick
Dana Edsall
Kelsey Lau - English
Derek Moore - Economics
Kristen Reinbold - English
Eric Shirk
Mikayla Tollefson - Math   

Fall 2011 Level 2 Certified Tutors:

Justin Hoffman - Physics
Matt Lewis - Physics
David Pede - Physics
John Timlin - Physics

Students seated during Fall 2010 Tutor Training

Spring 2012 Level 1 Certified Tutors

Carissa Alza - Biology & Chemistry
Renee Austin - Biology
Brandy Baltzall - Anthropology
Stephanie Bushman - Geography
Kylie Caffrey - Communications & Theater
Brandon Cassel - Chemistry
Keely Eisenhauer - Government & Political Affairs
Melissa Horger - Biology
Kaleb Koons - Economics
Hong Lam - Business
Stephen Melnick - Chemistry
Shanirra Parnell-Stewart - Social Work
Kali Short - English
Christopher Stehli - Biology
Jennifer Vu - Business Administration

A group of 16 students on Lyle Hall stairs who completed Spring 2010 Certified Tutor Training