UC&M - Graphic Design Services

Design Services

Graphic Design 

The UC&M creative staff is here to manage the development and design of a variety of print and web-based marketing materials from conceptualization to delivery. The designers have extensive experience in graphic design and strive to achieve a consistent visual identity for Millersville University. Our design team works directly with on-campus clients to identify marketing objectives and provide creative design solutions to fulfill those objectives.

Creative services offered:

  • Advertising — print and environmental
  • Brochures and booklets
  • Catalogs
  • Direct mail and postcards
  • Invitations/envelopes
  • Identity design
  • Magazines and newsletters
  • Posters and flyers
  • Signage and banners

Creative Services Process

Please note that lead times vary among different media. We will work with you to develop a production schedule for each media outlet.

  • Initiate a Job: To initiate a job through UC&M, please complete the UC&M Service Request Form. Your job will be reviewed and assigned to a graphic designer who will contact you to discuss the project. At this time, a point person from your department should be identified who will be responsible for providing us the information we need to develop the design(s).
  • Consultation: Your design project will require meetings and production schedules that include adequate time for writing, editing, design, layout, review, and printing (if applicable). During client consultation, the designer strategizes to define your goals and identifies the most effective way to reach your target audience.
  • Concept Development: Based on the information submitted, the designer will provide you with 1 or 2 creative design concepts for your review and feedback. Once the design concept is agreed upon (sign-off is required), editorial and photo selection are finalized (if included in the piece).
  • Design Development: Changes to text and layout are made by the designer. A full color mock-up is printed and circulated in-house for proofing. The proof then is sent to the client for proofing and final sign-off. If the piece will be printed, a printer should be agreed upon as well as confirmation of quantity and mailing instructions (if applicable).
  • Printing: To ensure a quality publication and to keep the project on schedule, our designers oversee the entire printing process.

Definition of Roles

As a team member, you play an active role in the development of your project. You know your goals and audience better than anyone else, and UC&M depends on you to communicate whom you’re trying to reach and what you want your product to achieve.

In turn, our role is to tailor the message to your audience by creating an effective product on time and within your budget.
Recognizing these roles and following through on responsibilities is key to the success of each project.

Your role/responsibilities:

  • Define your product's purpose and audience
  • Determine your budget
  • Commit to timely communication with the graphic designers
  • Provide clear and concise delivery instructions
  • Meet deadlines

UC&M’s role/responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain a production schedule
  • Create an appealing, effective product
  • Produce a product within the client's budget
  • Commit to timely communication with and response to the client
  • Meet or exceed deadlines