University Identity


The use of Millersville University logos external to the campus must meet the University policy on trademark use and follow University graphic standards. This Institutional Identity Guide applies to use of all Millersville University logos by internal entities of the campus.  For an additional logo request or clarification regarding usage, contact Marketing.

University Identity Guidelines

Download the Millersville University Identity Guide (PDF). Last updated: January 2016

Keeping the Millersville University brand name in front of the public in an appealing and consistent manner is the cornerstone of our University promotional efforts. The University Identity Guide has been published and prepared by University Marketing & Communications to provide detailed standardized usage guidelines for the Millersville University visual style.


  • Logos and University seals
  • University Color Palette
  • University Typography

  • University Stationery
  • Athletics Logos
  • Licensing
  • State System of Higher Education

Millersville University Logo

The University’s official logo is the Millersville University wordmark and should never be redrawn or modified.

Download: EPS (vector) file or JPG file
Millersville University

Unit Signatures

Each unit of the University is an important segment of a greater whole, Millersville University. In an effort to put forward a unified image, unit signature logos were created for selected segments. The purpose of unit signatures is to present a unified, consistent image for Millersville while recognizing the individuality of each unit.

Example of Unit Signature

  • Alumni Association - EPS or JPG
  • Catering & Conference Services - EPS or JPG
  • Civic and Community Engagement and Research Project - EPS or JPG
  • Center for Disaster Research and Education - EPS or JPG
  • Center for Economic Education - EPS or JPG
  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - EPS or JPG
  • College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning - EPS or JPG
  • College of Education and Human Services - EPS or JPG
  • College of Science and Technology - EPS or JPG
  • Experiential Learning and Career Management EPS or JPG
  • Exploratory Program - EPS or JPG
  • Honors College - EPS or JPG
  • Millersville-Lancaster - EPS or JPG
  • MU Fund - EPS or JPG
  • Student Affairs - EPS or JPG
  • Summer Session - EPS or JPG
  • University Dining - EPS or JPG
  • Winter Session - EPS or JPG

Spirit Mark

The spirit mark was initially designed for athletic teams at Millersville University, but may now be used in other University communications. This logo is not a substitute for the

standard Millersville University logo, but rather should be used in addition to the Millersville University logo. The spirit mark, or any of its elements, may never be modified or used as part of another logo or graphic.

Spirit Mark