University Identity

The Millersville Promise

Millersville University is the best choice for people of Pennsylvania and beyond who are motivated to apply their native intelligence and a world-class education to the challenging and important work of guiding themselves, their families and their communities through times of changing opportunity. The men and women of the Millersville University faculty are scholars highly respected in their fields; approachable teachers and active mentors who engage their students in the classroom, the office, the research lab, and in the life of the campus. The faculty is thoroughly supported in its work by the men and women of the Millersville University staff and leadership team - caring people of competence and integrity who share with their faculty partners a determination that Millersville graduates shall be as prepared to lead robust intellectual, professional and civic lives as the graduates of any of the nation's best known institutions.

  • About The Identity

    August, 2006, marked the kick-off of Millersville’s new institutional identity campaign, “Seize the Opportunity.” The result of a year-and-a-half long research and exploration project, Millersville University is focused on implementing the tools of reputation building. These tools include:

    • The Mission Statement - What we are
    • The Positioning Statement - What we are best at, for whom and why.
    • The Millersville University Promise - The fundamental statement of what we promise to do more effectively than any other institution.
    • The Signature - The promise and challenge we make to all our constituencies.
    • Key Messages - Define the collective Millersville experience
    • University Graphic Identity - Our visible mark

    Our University’s voice is clear. And we are energized at the prospect of sharing the good news of a Millersville University education.