University Identity

Editorial Standards

Download the Millersville University Editorial Style Guide (PDF). Last updated: June 2018.

For questions, or to make a suggestion, contact Janet Kacskos, director of communications, at 717-871-7870 or

University Identity Guidelines

Download the Millersville University Identity Guidelines (PDF). Last updated: January 2016

Keeping the Millersville University brand name in front of the public in an appealing and consistent manner is the cornerstone of our University promotional efforts. The University Identity Guidelines were developed by University Marketing & Communications to provide usage guidelines for Millersville's visual brand assets.


  • Logos and University seals
  • University Color Palette
  • University Typography

  • University Stationery
  • Athletics Logos
  • Licensing
  • State System of Higher Education

To download university approved logos detailed in the guide visit Logos and Unit Signatures.