Meet Your Mascot


Skully hatched in Millersville in 2004.  He is an enthusiastic parrot that loves to be out and about in the community, along with his good friend the Marauder. The only thing that Skully likes more than birdseed is going to Millersville sports events to cheer on his favorite university.  Skully sports an eye patch, an earring, size 13 boots, and is always decked out in his school colors of black and gold.  Skully loves hugs, and dancing to his favorite song "Shake Your Tail Feather."  

Skully out and about


  • Ht: 7' 2''
  • Wt: 300lbs (250 during molting season)
  • Age: 4 (20 in parrot years)
  • Home: Jones's Family Dealership Van, aka "The Birdcage" 
  • Occupation: Marauder's sidekick
  • Birthplace: Born on a remote island (home of the last indigenous community of giant parrots) -but hatched in Beimesderfer Stadium
  • Family: Marauder took him "under his wing"
  • Friends: Pucillo Posse, Miller and S'Ville, or anyone offering food.
  • Hobbies: Searching for treasure, sword fighting with the Marauder, and practicing his "fly" dance moves!
  • Favorite Colors: Black and Gold
  • Favorite Food:  Galley Cheese steaks with cheese, sauce, and birdseed.
  • Favorite Book: North American Field Guide of Birds
  • Favorite Movies: "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Muppets Treasure Island"
  • Hero:  Big Bird... the pioneer for large birds everywhere.
  • Favorite Memories: Hatching at Homecoming, Basketball Playoffs, and his very first tail feather.