Energy Issues

Energy Research

Dr. Chuck Geiger

Research Theme:

Development of an energy focus within the discipline of geography, including its implications for research directions, applications of research, and interfacing of geography with other disciplines and organizations doing similar research.

Research Activities:

  • Written Work:

    • Geiger, Charles, "Where's the Energy?" Submitted to the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 2001.
    • One paper under preparation will suggest that Chaos Theory holds promise for evaluating electricity and/or oil delivery systems.
  • Conference Presentations:

    • "U.S. Energy Policy: The Lack Thereof"
      Earth Day Colloquium
      April 1992; Millersville University, PA
    • "What Makes a Solar House Solar?"
      Seneca Rocks Audubon Society
      January 20, 1986; Clarion University, PA
    • "Thinking and Solar Energy"
      Social Science Forum
      March 14, 1984; Villanova University, PA
    • "Solar Tradition: Solar Energy as
      Environmental Experience"
      Annual Mtg: Assoc. of Amer. Geographers
      April 27, 1983; Denver, CO
    • "Ethical Issues in Solar Energy Research"
      Annual Mtg: Assoc. of Amer. Geographers
      April 21, 1982; San Antonio, TX