GIS Topics


Dr. Chuck Geiger

Research Theme:

In order to connect teaching and research my recent focus has been on developing the use of GIS-based webpages. Previous work had centered on training

I am always on the lookout for projects requiring application of GIS technology and data development, especially ones that allow for the participation of our undergraduate students (follow the link at left for the MU Geography Department's Geo-Graphics Lab). One current project is the development of a campus GIS for Millersville University.

Research Activities:

  • Written Work:

    • Geiger, Charles, "Lancaster County's Comprehensive GIS" (pp. 27 - 30) and "System Visualization" (p 44), in Pennsylvania Geographic Information Systems Resource and Implementation Guide, edited by Robert Sechrist, Indiana University of PA, State System of Higher Education GIS Consortium, 1997.
    • Geiger, Charles, "Chapter 5: 'Hands on' ArcView Examples," all sections except "5.6 : Other GIS Examples," in How to Use GIS for Water Resources Management and Planning, by the Water Resources Task Force of the Lancaster County Planning Commission, September 1996, pp. 5-1 to 5-15 and 5-17 to 5-18.
    • I have also created several maps, using GIS software, that were published in other authors' articles and books.

  • Conference Presentations:

    • "Planning and Executing a Campus GIS"
      Annual Mtg: Pennsylvania Geog. Society
      October 31, 2008; Clarion, PA
    • "GIS Service Learning with Housing
      Development Corporation of Lancaster"
      Microcomputer Users Group; sponsored
      by the Lancaster County GIS Office
      February 9, 2006; Lancaster, PA
    • "Address Matching in Radon Research"
      Annual Mtg: Pennsylvania Geog. Society
      November 1, 1997; York, PA
    • "You Can't Get There From Here:
      Adventures in Geo-Coding"
      Lancaster County GIS Department
      September 17, 1997; Lancaster, PA
    • "A Spatial View of Radon: Hazard
      Assessment and GIS," co-authored and
      co-presented with Dr. Kent Barnes,
      Dept. of Geography and Planning,
      Towson State University; Towson
      State University GIS Conference
      March 26, 1993; Towson State U., MD
    • "Radon: Prediction and Surveillance Using
      GIS," co-authored and co-presented with
      Dr. Kent Barnes, Towson State University
      National Center for Health Statistics at
      the Centers for Disease Control
      November 18, 1992; Hyattsville, MD
    • "Using GIS to Assess Housing
      Characteristics Associated with Radon:
      Lancaster County, PA;" Annual GIS Conf.
      March 1992; Towson State University, MD