Pennsylvania Energy Issues

PA Energy

Dr. Chuck Geiger

Research Theme:

Evaluation of electric power generation in Pennsylvania. How efficient is electric power production in Pennsylvania relative to consumer markets? This question can and should be studied geographically, not just in terms of total quantities.

Research Activities:

  • Written Work:

    • Geiger, Charles, "Historical Electricity Production in Pennsylvania," The Pennsylvania Geographer, Vol 42 (no. 2, Fall/Winter), 2004, pp 28-38.
    • I am currently refining my data about electricity production sites in Pennsylvania. This is a highly uncertain process at the moment, with the current deregulation of electricity production in our state. I am also collecting data about historical electricity production sites.

  • Conference Presentations:

    • "Electricity Deregulation in Pennsylvania"
      Annual Meeting: PA Geographical Society
      November 2, 2007; Johnstown, PA
    • "Mapping Historical Electricity Production
      in Pennsylvania"
      Annual Mtg: Middle States division of the
      Assoc. of Amer. Geographers
      November 1, 2003; Albany, NY
    • "Energy Use and Lancaster County"
      Earth Day Colloquium
      April 1990; Millersville University, PA