Pennsylvania Topics


Dr. Chuck Geiger

Research Theme:

Pennsylvania has a tremendous number of topics of general interest, from its historical colonial-era prominence and its former industrial dominance, to its current efforts to create a new future.

Research Activities:

  • Published Works:

    • Geiger, Charles, "Solid Waste Disposal in Pennsylvania," Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, Volume XIV, Pennsylvania Geographical Society, 2007, pp. 1-2.
    • Geiger, Charles, Pennsylvania Landscapes and People. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt. 2005. [This is a textbook I wrote for my Geography of Pennsylvania course.]
    • Unpublished Work:

    • Geiger, Charles and Arthur Lord, "A Geographical Survey of Lancaster County's Industries Based on the US Direct Tax of 1815," Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society. Forthcoming. [Note: This article was based on an unfinished paper from the files of Arthur Lord passed on to me by his widow with a request to try to publish it. It was submitted as a three-part article, of which the second and third parts were re-writes of Art's work and the first part was mostly new information and maps created by me. The last word I had from the editor of the Journal was that he intended to publish all three parts, but no fixed publication date has been given.]
  • Conference Presentation:

    • "Solid Waste Issues in Pennsylvania"
      Ann. Mtg: Pennsylvania Geographical Soc.
      October 27, 2006; Salisbury, MD
    • "A New Undergraduate Geography of
      Pennsylvania Textbook"
      Ann. Mtg: Pennsylvania Geographical Soc.
      November 6, 2004; New Cumberland, PA