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Glossary Terms

Vitality: after renovation, it is the way in which a building will continue to be structured, usable, and strong for the future

Preservation: to keep up or maintain, to keep a building intact so that it will continue to be of use to a person or group of people in the future.

Municipalities: a community that is under its own local government

Revitalization: to give a building new life, preserve and re-use materials to make the building new and usable.

Re-purposing: to use in a different format, taking something old and using it a different format or for a different purpose.

Environmentally-sensible: products, actions, or ways of life that seek to preserve the earth and its natural environment.

Solar-powered rooftop fans: used for ventilation and cooling. They are a bit more expensive than regular fans, but they do not require electrical wiring. They cost for the future is far less (if not $0.00) than a regular fan that relies on electricity.

Under-floor air: an alternate method of providing space conditioning in offices and other commercial buildings. It uses space under the floor to deliver air conditioning instead of the typical ceiling-based air conditioners.

On-demand water heater: warms water, as a person needs it instead of a heater that constantly heats the water and uses electricity.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC): chemicals that can cause a variety of illnesses. Usually found in paints and finishes.

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council