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Base Load Energy: energy consumed for day-to-day operations in your home that is not used in response to the environment. Some examples include lights, appliances, computers, and hot water.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL): a light that produces an electric current that is driven through a tube containing argon and a small amount of mercury vapor that generates invisible ultraviolet light. These lights use about 75 percent less energy than your regular incandescent light.

Conservation: to help preserve the environment by protecting our natural resources and using them wisely.

Incandescent Lights: a light that has a very thin tungsten filament which the electricity runs through that is housed inside a glass sphere preventing oxygen to reach the source of light so it will not dismantle the light.

Non-profit Organizations: a group of people that serve a purpose for the community that are not interested in making any extra money for his/her self, but rather for the organization.

Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network (SSBN): a non-profit network that consists of local business people, professionals, investors and not-for profit leaders who are committed to building a more socially environmentally, and financially sustainable economy.