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Glossary Terms

1. Rain Barrels- A rainwater collection system that stores rooftop runoff to be used later for activities such as lawn and garden watering, car washing, and window cleaning.

2. Green Infrastructure- The substructure that supports life itself. Maintaining, restoring and enhancing the environment.

3. Gray Infrastructure- Are man-made substructure that supports societal functions and they are engineered systems such as roads, sewers, and water facilities and electrical transmission lines.

4. Rain Garden- Is a slightly depressed garden that receives and holds stormwater runoff and removes pollutants.

5. Porous Pavement- Is a paving material for roads, parking lots and walkways that allows the movement of water and air through it.

6. Steam Buffers- Natural areas along the edge of streams and waterways. They filter pollutants.

7. Green Roof- A roofing system that utilizes vegetation to absorb rainwater and reduce heat absorption.

8. Native Landscaping- Native plants are those that grow naturally in the region.

9. Shade Trees- Planting and conserving shade trees can improve air and water quality and saves energy.

10. Stormwater- Excess water that is not infiltrated into the ground during a storm.