Green Lancaster header displaying a picture of an Amish buggy, and corn field, horses in a field, cows being milked, and windmills.

Central Market of Lancaster: The country's oldest farmers' market, in the heart of Amish country occupies a beautiful 120 year old red brick building chock-full of local character. Regional food specialties include Pennsylvania Dutch sausage, scrapple (a breakfast meat of pork scraps and cornmeal), and headcheese (like scrapple, an acquired taste).

Solar Energy: Solar energy is the capture and use of the sun's rays and radiation

Organic Dairies: cannot feed their cows with grains grown with pesticides, nor can they use antibiotics or growth hormones

Apples: Like peaches, apples are typically grown with the use of poisons to kill a variety of pests, from fungi to insects. Scrubbing and peeling doesn't eliminate chemical residue completely, so it's best to buy organic when it comes to apples.

Idled: Your car engine is running but the car is not moving

Efficiently: Create a better way to use your appliances

Produce Bin: Buy items out of the bin instead of the items in plastic packaging

Neither paper or plastic: Purchase canvas handbags that you can put all of your groceries in after checkout

Yoga: practice of physical postures or poses.

Living Green: The way that you change your lifestyle in order to keep the planet more green friendly