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Glossary of Terms

Environmental Impact- Anything that you use, buy, produce, or consume that affects the environment. Sustainability- Reducing environmental impact, and taking steps to “go green”. To improve living for you, and others around you. Living Green- living so that going green is a part of your life, and a part of who you are. Re-purpose- Reusing old things, making them into a new item that can be used for a different purpose. Recycle; Reusing old materials Yard-saling; Shopping used at garage sales Vinyl Sided Neighborhood- Neighborhoods that tend to have the best yard sales, brand new things for next to nothing. Thrift storing- Shopping used, indoors. Canning; Food storing process, that saves time and money if done right. Penny pinching- Making your money stretch and reducing your spending by changing your spending behavior. Living Green is a way to penny pinch Waste reduction- Buying items or materials that have little or no packaging to reducing waste. No paper towels, no paper napkins, and cutting down on plastic consumption (plastic bags, water bottles ect.) Hybrid- Eco-friendly car, that gets better gas mileage, and is better for the environment