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Marvin Phoenix- Student at Millersville University. He is a senior; he is majoring in communication with a broadcasting option

Peter Rippberger- Student at Franklin and Marshall. He lives at the Sustainability House

Sustainability House- It is located on Franklin and Marshall College campus. The goal of the Sustainability House is to have students “live communally and minimize environmental impacts, and to offer information to the campus at large.” Sustainability- In general terms, is the ability to maintain balance of a certain process or state in any system. It is now most frequently used in connection with biological and human systems.

Sarah Dawson- Is the acting director of the Wohlsen center at Franklin and Marshall college

Shawn Jenkins- Shawn is the founder of the Sustainability house at Franklin and Marshall College

Solar Panel- a large, thin panel consisting of an array of solar cells, often attached to artificial satellites, rooftops, etc. to generate electricity directly from sunlight.

Shower Timer- The students at Franklin and Marshall have a shower timer in each shower to help control the amount of water they use by setting a time limit on their shower.

Commuting- The students at the Sustainability House, commute by biking or walking which limits their carbon footprint.