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Glossary Terms

This section describes some of the terms I described in the content of my site.

Power assist bike-A bike primarily run by pedal power with some motorized help. The intent is to boost human power, not replace it.

Electric hybrid folding bike- A portable electric bikes that can easily fold for storage or transpot. It is very compact and portable, and remains a serious mode of personal transportation for the eco-conscious urban commuter. It is powered by a hub motor, built directly onto the bike, which gets its power from a removable 24V/12AH sealed lead acid (SLA) battery pack. They can reach 18 miles per hour, and have up to a 25 mile range between recharges.

Regenerative batteries- Batteries on a power assist-bike that can be charged overnight or have power put into them by coasting the bike or hitting the breaks. However much you peddle, an equal amount of power is put back into the battery.

Jetta- A car that uses clean diesels, achieving emissions certification in all 50 states without the use of special additives or extraordinary measures. It also achieves estimated highway fuel economy of 41 mpg with greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a rarified fuel economy number typically achieved by only the most efficient gasoline-electric hybrids.

Diesel fuel- Diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline. One gallon of diesel contains approximately 147,000 BTUs of energy, while a gallon of gasoline only has 125,000 BTUs. This means it takes more gasoline to equal the power output of diesel, making diesel engines more efficient per gallon of fuel burned. The diesel system has little wasted or unburned fuel.

Petroleum- Often call “fossil fuel” because it was made from the remains of plants and animals. The energy in petroleum came from the energy in the plants and animals which came from the sun. We can’t make more in a short time, making it nonrenewable. The burning fuels made from the oil pollutes the air.

1926 Model T- A type of car that gives more performance and can run on corn-grown alcohol, which is much different than store-bought alcohol.

Ethanyl (otherwise known as E85) is corn-grown alcohol. The proofing is different than store-bought alcohol, as the proof is much higher and used to power certain cars.

“Recycled house”- Rebuilding an old house by building on it and not putting any pieces into the waste stream. It is essentially like reusing a house.