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Acupuncture- The goal of acupuncture is to restore and maintain health through stimulating specific points on the body.

Compost- An organic material that is added to the soil, it contains organic waste. It is usually added to a garden as a natural material to help the plants with natural nutrients.

Holistic Medicine- Looks at the body and mind as a whole, it also looks at the causes rather than the symptoms.

Homeopathy- Homeopaths treat patients based on their genetic backgrounds, personal health history, their emotional and mental conditions as well as their physical conditions. Treatments to patients are unique, and even people with the same illness will get an entirely different treatment process.

Pasteurize- When someone heats a beverage, milk is often pasteurized, to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause disease or illness.

Pesticide- These are often used in gardens to kill weeds, or insects. Pesticide literally means preventing or killing pests, they are often bad for your health and environment.

Reflexology- It’s a physical act in which you apply pressure to the feet and hands with certain thumb, finger and hand motions, often using a reflexology chart, without the use of oils or lotions, which should cause physical changes to the body.

Reflexology Chart- It can be referred to as a map, it shows what parts of the feet and hands to apply pressure to in order to reach target health goals.