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1. Cellulose- Foam made of recycled product

2. Daylighting- Direct use of light from the sky to illuminate a home.

3. Dimmers- Provides flexibility to change the atmosphere of a space by controlling the amount of light into a room.

4. FSC- Forest Stewardship Council

5. Glazing- Window glass

6. HVAC- Refers to Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Controls.

7. Low Impact Development-  Sustainable storm water management strategy.

8. Leeward- Term for downwind

9. Natural Ventilation- Systems that rely on the pressure difference indoors and outdoors to move fresh air throughout the home.

10. Non-rigid- Insulations used typically in attics.

11. Occupancy Sensors- Automatically sense when you enter room and turn the lights on and off accordingly.

12. Passive Infrared Sensors- Lighting that is triggered by the movement of heat

13. Rigid Boards- Type of instillation used typically with low-slope style roofing

14. Sick Building Syndrome- Occurs when residents who have health and comfort effects that are linked to time spent in a particular building.