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Glossary Terms

Watershed- a specific geographical location that a river or stream empties into.

Rain Barrel- Container that is installed by a professional and attaches to a house to collect an overflow of rainwater and used for several tasks for the exterior of the home, including: watering flowers and plants, grass, and used for geothermal heating systems.

Porous- A surface that enables liquids, such as excess rainwater, to drain into surrounding vegetation, soils, and plants.

Commercial farming- raising crops and animals on an actual farm; it can be family owned or can be owned by a corporation

Residential farming- planting a farm, such as a garden, at a private residence.

Runoff- a term used to specify the excessive amounts of rain on non-porous that then carries the pollutants from human and animals into a stream, which then leads to the Conestoga or Susquehanna River and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay.