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Glossary Terms

Spray Foam Insulation - An alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. It is kept in cans and then sprayed into areas where insulation is needed. It expands and dries keeping your home tightly insulated.

Cellulose Insulation - An alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. This involves taking some sort of material such as newspaper or straw and filling the insides of your walls or attic with it. It can be applied wet or dry. If applied wet, then you have to be careful and do it properly or else it will dry funny.

Structural Insulated Panels - This type of insulation is two boards with foam between. They are typically used to insulate roves.

R Value - is the measure of how well insulation will insulate your house.

Fly Ash - A bi-product of burning oil

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - One of the most commonly used pipes in construction, it is cost effective and durable, but it is not one of the safest materials to use in your home.

Soap Stone - A type of stone used in the home that can collect heat and then give it off during the day.