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Frequently Used Words and Definitions


  • Sustainable/Sustainability – the act of renewing an object or source as it is being taken away.

  • Municipal Waste– waste produced by municipal areas such as states, cities, towns, etc.

  • Construction Waste – excess materials that are caused by the construction of architecture.

  • Construction Waste Management – the act of managing the waste that is caused by the construction or demolition of architecture.

  • Demolition Waste – excess materials that are caused by the demolition of an existing area or building.

  • Comingled Waste– waste that is all mixed together and not separated by class of the object.

  • Source-Separated Waste– waste that is separated according to class or category of the object.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – federal government agency that oversees the production, destruction, and sustainability of the United States.

  • LEED– a green building certification system that provides verification that the building was designed using techniques that promotes sustainability of our land and natural resources.