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Awakening The Natural You


The publication Natural Awakenings has been in existence for 17 years, however it has only been in Central Pennsylvania for nine months since March 2011. Natural Awakenings now reaches 90 cities and even reaches Puerto Rico.  The magazine continues to blossom and expand its audience by finding new places to distribute the magazine.

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Natural Awakenings is a publication that brings together green and sustainability. This magazine not only educates the reader on different green and sustainable businesses, but it also allows businesses to reach their audiences. Natural Awakenings encourages readers to live green and sustainable lives. It allows and challenges the reader to think of issues that they may have never thought of to be “green” issues, but in Natural Awakenings every issue is a green issue. This publication not only educates the individual reader, but it helps the reader to find ways to educate and influence their friends and family to become more green and sustainable as well.

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The Services of Natural Awakenings

Educate The Reader

The writers of Natural Awakening do not assume that every reader that picks up the magazine knows what being “green” and sustainable is. The writers take pride in making sure readers are not just finding businesses that they may need for certain green issues, but being educated and made aware of ways to be green, become green, and influence others to be green as well.  Natural Awakenings is full of high quality content. The writers of this magazine, they write with the readers in mind, and use it as an education vehicle for the public.

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Making Connections Between Businesses
Natural Awakenings allows businesses to connect with other businesses by seeing what other green and sustainable businesses are doing to stay green.  Not only do businesses connect this way, but this can also allow businesses to make public relations connections as well.  By making this communication connection, businesses could possible collaborate on community building events or even awareness events that can be held in the community.  Therefore, giving these companies exposure in their own communities, and exposing the community to green issues.

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Bringing Local to National Initiatives
Something special that Natural Awakenings does that sets them apart from other magazines besides being a green publication, it localizes its magazine.  By placing local business in the magazine, this allows the reader to find businesses right around them, and support them. By locals now supporting their own communities this helps to build their community up around them.  This is also another goal of Natural Awakenings for communities to support local green and sustainable business owners.

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What Are Green Businesses
Green business are businesses that make being green apart of everyday life, from changing cleaning products to green products, to switching to renewable energy. These businesses take serious steps in order to make their businesses green and sustainable.  These are the types of business that Natural Awakening supports. You can find all sorts of green business in Natural Awakenings such as; news, health, global, sustainability efforts, green living, fitness and wellness.

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Natural Awakenings Upcoming Events

Natural Awakenings Network (NAN) is a network that is currently being created and put together by publisher Dave Korba.  This network will consist of 75 business focused on any sort of product wellness and natural health lifestyles.  The Natural Awakenings Network will be a wide-ranging list of alternative ways to live, healthcare, therapy rehabilitation, spas and conditioning clubs. 
            One of the best parts of the up and coming network is the discount the members will receive.  These discounts will range from 5 to 50 percent off of all of the business in the network as well as the workshops and special events that will take place.  The providers on the NAN will allow members to choose their own coverage and/or coverage for their families.  Not only will members benefit from the discounts, but they will receive a yearly subscription and a directory of the businesses and a newsletter.  Members will also have exclusive access to the NAN website and free consultation line. This network will be beneficial to anyone who connects to it members or providers.

For more information on the publication Natural Awakenings, or how to get your business into this publication, please visit

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How Do I Get Started at Being Green?

Turning of the light in your house when not in use –saves electricity.

Turning of water while brushing teeth- saves water.

Replacing some household everyday items, in your home, with green items such as cleaning products (bathroom cleaner, laundry detergent, dish detergent etc.) – these items that are not harmful to the earth.

Recycle all glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard- helps to prevent waste and pollution.

Replacing your regular light bulbs, with energy saving light bulbs- burns less electricity.

 Wash full loads of clothes- helps to save water and electricity.

If you drink water drink bottled water often, you can either recycle or get a reusable bottle and a filter at your home to ensure that you are drinking clean fresh water- this will cut back on the wasting of plastic bottles and polluting the earth.

Begin to educate yourself on how to become more green and sustainable, by reading visiting or researching about learning to be green- this will help generations to come after you and help your impact on the earth to be less harmful to it, and more pleasant.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming Green?

Does switching to “green” cleaning products actually affect the earth’s environment?

Yes, it does because most products that are not green the chemicals in them that eventually reach the earth’s air, water, and soil.  Once these harmful chemicals reach the earth’s atmosphere there is nothing we can do to get them out of the atmosphere. So when you use natural cleaning products it does not affect the earth’s atmosphere negatively and it is more cost effective.

Is it more cost effective to make changes to my light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs?

Yes, it is more cost effective to use compact fluorescent light bulbs because they last for about 10,000 hours compared to your average light bulb which last for only 1,000 hours.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs also produce 75 percent less heat than your average light bulb. Therefore, the use of fluorescent light bulbs uses less heat, which saves on total energy cost in your home, while still keeping your home cooler. 

What is the definition of green washing?

The definition of green washing is simply this, a term that was created by environmentalist with intentions to describe what corporations do to make it seem as though there company was “green”. The reason for green washing is to make customers think that the company they are supporting is taking the essential steps to leave their companies green footprint on the earth, when there behind the scene efforts could care less about the earth. 

How do I know if a product I am purchasing is “green” or sustainable?

One way to know if you are purchasing a truly green product is to read the ingredients in the particular product.  Another tip in ensuring that the items you are purchasing is green is to shop at an all-natural store.  By shopping in organic or natural stores this helps to ensure that the items you are purchasing are green because there are sometimes screening test that sellers have to go through in order to get their items sold in stores.

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Why Go Natural?
The products that are currently in use by most Americans are extremely harmful to the earth’s environment.  The products that are being used are not just harmful to the environment, but to us as well, what do I mean?  This is what I mean when the chemicals from these products it affects everything is gets to our farms which intern affects our food; it gets in the air which therefore affects what we inhale, causing asthma and other diseases.  Since these chemicals get in the air and on our food not only are we inhaling them, but digesting them as well.  Is this enough to make you want to attempt to try to go “natural”, if not maybe this is.

Recycling alone can help save water and trees.  If one ton of paper is recycled it saves about 15-17 trees, 7000 gallons of water and have of a year’s electricity on an average household in the United States. When items are recycled it uses much less energy and water to reproduce the products.  For example, 74% less pollution and 50% less water is uses when paper products are made from recycled paper.  When plastic products are made from recycled plastic is uses 88% less energy.   When steel and tin are recycles 75% less energy is needed, this saves enough energy yearly to power 18milllion houses!

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Connecting Local Living Economies
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies-(BALLE) is a system that consists of 80 community networks, 22,000 independent businesses, across the United States.  What BALLE does is make the connections between local businesses they call “socially responsible” and these businesses help with economic development. BALLE feels that their mission is to connect systems of locally owned independent businesses that are committed to building strong local living economies. 

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How BALLE Began

BALLE had been in the works many years before it became an official working network.  The idea of BALLE began in the early nineties, by Judy Wicks and Laury Hammel.  Judy had already designed, Sustainable Businesses of Greater Philadelphia.  This network was based around her restaurant called White Dog Café. While Laury was no stranger to social responsibility either, he founded the New England Business for Social Responsibility in 1998. These two socially responsible individuals along with; David Korten, Michael Shuman, and  Elisabet Sahtouris put their ideas and expertise together to form BALLE on October 14, 2001.

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How BALLE WorksSince BALLE supports and connects local businesses such as, locally provided services, products, and local food owners this therefore builds up the economy of that community.  When you support the business, corporations, arts and local media you are literally helping your community to stay afloat. This helps your community to thrive and be able to support programs for children and education programs as well.
BALLE also promotes working with nature; they believe that by supporting or holding activities that support nature it affects our ecosystem positively. Therefore still being a positive impact on the communities, they support.   BALLE is also a firm believer in supporting diversity. They support business of all backgrounds discriminating against none. You see by embracing the differences in the businesses as well as the differences in the people this allows businesses to be themselves and stick to their own cultures, traditions and rituals, while learning to appreciate others as well.

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BALLE Comes to You!
BALLE conducts training workshops in communities.  All entrepreneurs, new networks, community and government leaders are invited to these workshops.  While at these workshops you will be taught and given tactics and tools on how to build and maintain businesses, develop and transform your community into a local living economy.  You will also be educated about sustainable businesses such as; local manufacturing, local agriculture, and green building. 

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Pick Up the Phone
Pick up the phone! This is something BALLE calls round up calls; these are webinars that consist of discussing issues, sharing and learning new information and topics of interest such as sustainability.  These webinars speak not only of issues that may happen locally and regionally but nationally as well.  These webinars are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The webinars are open to network staff, crucial members of business and board members.
For more information on BALLE or information to become a partner or apart of BALLE please visit

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Deeply Rooted in Being Green
The Sierra Club is a club that consists of 1.4 million people who want to help protect the earth.  The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by John Muir. John had in mind the idea of attempting to protect our public space, natural wildlife and their homes and ultimately the earth. 
As the Sierrra Club has begun to flourish it now has many different parts to it such as outreach programs; also known as the youth and diversity program.  Inside this division of the Sierra Club there is the Inner City Outings program –ICO. This program consists of reaching youth of all ages, and educating them on the true importance of taking care of the earth and its wildlife.  The Sierra Club takes inner city youth on about 800 outings a year! These outing serve approximately 14,000 youth a year.  While at the outings the youth are not just educated on protecting the earth, they participate in actives teach them healthy self-esteem, interpersonal skills, self-reliance, and how to appreciate the environment carefully and accountably.  The inner city outings mission is provide opportunities for urban youth and adults to explore enjoy and protect the natural world.

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Global Population and the Environment
Global Population and the Environment is another part of the Sierra Club.  This programs mission is to “protect the global environment and preserve natural resources for future generations by advancing global reproductive health and sustainable development initiatives”.  This program works with local and national alliances, and has thriving partnerships with these organizations. Through these relationships it allows the program to reach more people and more youth from different communities as well. This program attempts to educate people about family planning services and provides sex education for all ages especially youth.  This program also educates women and girls on their right to education, healthcare and teaches them about the financial opportunities that are available to them. The Global Population and the Environment program truly believe in the educating of the youth about environmental issues as well as leadership skills and the empowerment of youth.  This program understands the importance of educating the youth.  They understand that they youth are the future, of this world and if they are not educated about issues such as, sustainability, protecting the earth, sex education and protecting the wildlife who will take care of these issues.  They are the future generations of this world. 

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Go Green

Going green is more important than most people think. What we do today effects our tommrow. Not just your future but future generations as well. Its not hard at all to began to help save the earth the in previous paragraphs gives you exaamples of how to start being green. There are many different ways to become green find what fits you best.

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