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Green Footprints-Walking Tours of Lancaster City

Ready, Set, Green! Customize your walking tour of local establishments and

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This walking tour of Lancaster City provides a comprehensive map and brief overview of local establishments that take pride in their sustainable and community focused efforts.  Customize a walking tour using the GPS coordinates found at each location or use one of the two walking tours already created by our team.  A collection of sustainable establishments outside of Lancaster City is also available.  Want a map to take along?  Use the link at the top of our page to find a printable version for your tour.  Are we missing some locations?  Please send us your suggestions and we’ll add them to our map!

In an effort to provide more information of the establishments highlighted on our walking tours, check out the information “blurbs” we’ve assembled for each.  Some include interviews with the owners and others comments from their toughest critics – customers!  Take a peek and you’ll soon find out that these sustainable, community oriented establishments are the heart of Lancaster City and provide unmistakable atmosphere and unique opportunities for community engagement and support.  You’ll also find their Web addresses, hours and phone numbers in case you want to place an order, make a reservation or plan your next visit!

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Chestnut Hill Cafe


Senorita Burrita

Fine Living Lancaster

Lancaster Dispensing Company

Pop Deluxe

Green Circle Organics

Central Market

Rachel's Cafe and Creperie

Lancaster Brewing Company

Building Character

Square One Coffee

Eastern Market

Lemon Street Market

On Orange

Lancaster County Library

Franklin & Marshall College

Carmen and David's Creamery

Mamalicious & My Aunt Debbie

Spyro Gyros

Prince Street Cafe

Lancaster County Convention Center

Binns Park

Expressly Local

The Lancaster YMCA

The Lancaster County Conservancy


Map work by Ryan Garchinsky, Millersville University Geography Department.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Vibrant colors, fresh smells and crisp taste – that’s how we would define the experience of buying fresh and local!  First, let’s talk about a “term” that is quite popular among these establishments – “Buy Fresh, Buy Local.”  Not only is it a phrase that holds a lot of meaning within Downtown Lancaster, it represents the slogan that identifies 1,915 places in Pennsylvania that participate in the “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” initiative.  Buy Fresh, Buy Local is also associated with the Good Food Neighborhood initiative that aims to link local farms and the community in supporting one another. 

Wondering where you can buy fresh and local near you? Visit the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Web site, enter your zip code, and you’ll find a list and interactive map of locations and their contact information nearest you!  Now, keep an eye out on your tour for locally grown foods that bear the Buy Fresh, Buy Local logo – it is one that many of our featured establishments look for when buying the freshest ingredients for their favorites – the customers!

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Rachel’s Café and Creperie

309 North Queen Street

Lancaster, PA 17603


Tuesday-Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 9am-3pm

Rachel’s Café and Creperie has become a favorite spot for friends to reconnect and families to catch up while enjoying a unique meal and delicious assortment of beverages.  Rachel’s uses only the freshest ingredients in each of their crepes, changing up the menu as various local fruits and veggies go in and out of season.  The café also prizes itself in fresh fruit smoothies and an assortment of hot drinks – most would argue that their vanilla chai or latest Nutella creation are to die for!  While the café is perfect for an afternoon lunch or evening date, they will also provide the best and most fresh crepes, beverages and hors d’oeuvres at your next event with their catering service. 

Looking to shock your loved one with a romantic evening full of tasty food that you don’t have to prepare?  Call up Rachel’s and inquire about their in-house chef who will come to you and create a multi-course dinner that will truly excite your taste buds!   Rachel’s has made great contributions to the community, allowing local artists to display their artwork in the café, participating in Lancaster City’s “First Fridays,” and has more recently aimed a number of their special creations towards raising funds to help the owner, Steve Murray, and his beloved store (located directly next to the café) recover from a fire that ruined the store. 

Rachel’s efforts in and among the community have highlighted their commitment to sustainability not only in what they produce but also in supporting other local establishments and local artists.  Interested in finding out what this French inspired Lancaster treasure is up to next?Check out Rachel’s blog which can be found on their Web site for the latest seasonal treats!            

Wondering if this is worth a stop on your next walking tour adventure?  Check out what some Rachel’s Café and Creperie fans have to say…

Jill Darling:  “Rachel’s Creperie has definitely become a favorite for our family since our daughter started at Millersville University three years ago.  Their crepes are very unique – and filling too!  I’ve also had a really great smoothie at their café – definitely a little spot that I wish was in every town – it’s perfect for lunch with a girlfriend or even just a chat over a cup of vanilla chai!  I’ve also got to say that the atmosphere is adorable – the attention to detail and effort to connect France and their crepes is very evident – it really is a whole experience to go to Rachel’s, one that I would undoubtedly recommend to anyone looking for a great spot to eat.”

Alyssa Leister: “Rachel’s Crepes offers fresh food and fabulous drinks.  But more than that thye are a real advocate for the whole of Lancaster.  They support their neighbors, literally in the case of Zap and Co.’s owner and more widespread by showcasing local artists and musicians.  It truly enriches the community.”

Michael Collins: “I’ve never been there, but I’ve only ever heard great things about it.  Maybe next time I’m in Lancaster I can make use of this walking tour you’re creating and check it out!”

Joe Benyish: “I like that I am able to get a type of cuisine that you can’t really get anywhere else in Lancaster.  It is really tasty and worth a visit to anyone who hasn’t been there before.”

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Carmen and David’s Creamery
25 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Monday 5pm-9pm, Tuesday through Tursday 12pm-9pm, Friday 12pm-10:30pm, Saturday 11:30am-10:30pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm

Looking for that tasty homemade treat that cools you down in the summer and is still delicious enough to have in the cold of winter?  Carmen and David’s creamery is your answer.  Let’s hear what the owner and ice cream connoisseur himself has to say about this popular spot–      

Join us for a moment with David Hommel, owner and ice cream creator:

When was the creamery established in Lancaster City?  What inspired its initial “start-up?” 
“We opened December 5, 2008. We thought Lancaster City needed a really good ice cream shop.”

Do you find it important to buy local and focus on sustainability when possible?  What sustainable efforts has the shop made?
“We believe in the need for a strong, local community that feeds not just the body but the soul as well. To that end we have sought to buy and sell local products, make out own ice cream on premises and use organic, fair trade and local products wherever possible. Additionally we use only biodegradable containers, cups and utensils for our products.”

Are you connected with any specific sustainability/local efforts in Lancaster City?
“We are members of the Lancaster BFBL and SSBN (Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network) and source a good deal of our produce, dairy and spices through Central Market.”

Is the creamery looking to make any changes in the future that focus on a greater effort towards being sustainable/green/eco-friendly?
“We are continuously looking at new products or sources of supply that we can incorporate into our shop.”

Carmen and David’s Creamery is comprised of great atmosphere and community.  This sustainable business focuses a great deal on fostering community relationships while offering a great product that can be enjoyed by all ages. Not only do Carmen and David “buy local,” their sustainable efforts are reflected in the products they use to serve their ice cream. 

Stop by for a visit and experience Greenware cups, recycled paper napkins, biodegradable utensils and more!  As a customer, it seems that Carmen and David have thought of just about everything and their efforts in creating a fun place where families and friends can gather to partake in a delectable treat that is sustainably supported makes them extra cool – get it? Ice cream…cool?

So, what is “Greenware?”
Greenware products are produced from a material called Ingeo™ biopolymer, a natural resin produced in plants.  Because the resin is completely natural, it is also categorized as a renewable resource that is compostable.  Greenware products are made in the United States and are comprised of 7 to 24 ounce cold drink cups and different sizes of portion cups. 

Wondering how you can use these in your next sustainable business venture and promote your business?  All Greenware products provide large, clear, printable surfaces.  Greenware products are durable and have a simple look and offer a great opportunity for businesses to utilize a sustainable packaging product!  Visit Project Green Lancaster’s blog for more information and pictures too!

Jessica Do: “The creamery is delicious, it is one of my favorite places to visit and they have a ton of interesting flavors.  It is definitely not your typical ice cream shop and it is evident that they went the extra mile to make their customers’ experiences one of a kind!”

Daniella Singleton: “I went to Carmen and David’s a lot this past summer because I was interning across the street at The Ware Center.  I’d have to say every time I was there I was never disappointed!  The staff was always very friendly and the facility itself is so welcoming and colorful – it was the perfect place to go on a hot summer day!  They also have a very unique variety of flavors, not just in ice cream but sorbet too!  I could always try something fun and different.”

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5 West King Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
Published by Moxie House, LLC
P.O. Box 6276
Lancaster, PA 17607

Fig Downtown Lancaster provides a fresh look at the “happenings” in Downtown Lancaster.  The publication, produced by Moxie House, LLC covers everything from the arts, dining, entertainment, shopping and various educational programs.  Fig approaches culture with a unique style, featuring all of the latest, most innovative ideas that support community happenings.  In addition to their publication you can visit their West King Street location or check out their Web site for an assortment of hot topics including a number of blogs, the event calendar and can even use their “ezine” feature to have a look at the most recent copy of Fig!      

Laurie Myers Skorupa, an alum of Millersville University, just completed an internship with Fig.  Let us hear what she has to say about Fig, reasons why you should make this a part of your tour, and why this publication is doing so much for this vibrant city.

When was the publishing company first established in Lancaster? What inspired its initial “start-up?”
Fig is a publication that began in 2005 as a "look book", advertorial. The publication is created by Moxie House design/ marketing firm and the owner/ creative director/ editor is Deb Brandt. Inspiration to start the magazine came from a genuine love for the city and the art scene that was beginning to bloom at that time. Deb wanted to highlight how the arts, creative living and supporting local was important to a healthy city.

Through Fig publications, is there encouragement for readers to buy local and focus on sustainability when possible? Does this play a part in any marketing or publication strategies? What about encouraged participating in local initiatives and support of community projects/businesses?
Absolutely, the entire focus of the magazine is to keep out of your car, parking lots and major chain stores and step into the businesses that know your name so to speak. Fig makes an effort to promote through social media, blogs, and the publication how easy it is to find everything you want to do or purchase right downtown.

The publications are mailed locally and placed in local businesses to encourage residents to support Lancaster but we also encourage national visitors by reaching out to strategic VIP's. A lot of effort goes into supporting local activities. Fig blogs free of charge for non-profit events. A community calendar is available for people to post their own events from non-profit to for profit and each publication a two page spread is devoted to activities around the city.

Is Fig connected with any local sustainability efforts in Lancaster?
Fig works closely with so many organizations throughout the city ie: SSBN, JSID, Lancaster Community First, Chamber of Commerce.

Are there any "future initiatives" that Fig is looking into pursuing in order to be more sustainable?
I am not sure what intentions they have in this particular area but each issue is printed on FSC paper. It is a beautiful publication doing good things for the city’s image.

After you stop and visit Fig on your walking tour, be sure to visit their Web site and subscribe to their publication, produced four times a year.  You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter too for current updates and community happenings!  Imagine that – a whole year of community happenings that will keep you in style.

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Chestnut Hill Café
532 West Chestnut Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Monday thru Friday 6:30am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm

Set on a cozy corner of West Chestnut Street, Chestnut Hill Café has atmosphere, style and delicious fresh food and delectable drinks!  You choose – outdoor seating to take in the flavor of this gorgeous street or find a comfy fireside chair with your favorite book and cup of fair trade coffee or tea with a warm pastry or tasty sandwich. 

Chestnut Hill offers a wider variety of tasty selections with everything from baked goods, bagels, a yogurt bar, waffles, quiche, soups and salads and more!  Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth?  Check out a select collection of ice cream from Lancaster City’s very on Carmen and David’s Creamery – yes, two sustainable establishments collaborating to meet our community’s fine dining needs!

Let’s hear what some locals have to say about Chestnut Hill Café:

Brielle Valle: “Chestnut Hill is equipped with a unique atmosphere that encompasses a simple rugged feel while providing a social hub for college students and working professionals alike; with live music, organic food, fair trade coffee, and a support for local farming and businesses, its warm atmosphere is ideal for an afternoon chat or a casual hangout.”

Molly Caldwell: “Chestnut Hill is an asset to its neighborhood, offering delicious food and drinks, as well as a really nice atmosphere!”          

So what exactly does it mean for coffee and tea to be “fair trade?”  Let’s take a look at Counter Culture Coffee that has found a home at Chestnut Hill Café!

Counter Culture Coffee is the epicenter of sustainable, fair grade, organic coffee.  The company was founded in 1995 and has built their values upon providing the best value of coffee, being sustainable and educating others in the market for coffee.  Counter Culture Coffee is all about quality, from relationships with farmers to the education of their retail providers; this company brings their “A-game” and puts all others before themselves.  This coffee company is committed to sustainability and community, just like Chestnut Hill Café!  Try a cup of their scrumptious coffee at Chestnut Hill today – promoting sustainability efforts globally and locally.

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Lancaster Brewing Company
302 North Plum Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Looking for a tasty meal and brew?  Lancaster Brewing Company is your answer.  Did you know that Lancaster was home to fourteen breweries prior to the year 1818?  Prior to the start of World War I and the onset of prohibition, Lancaster produced 200,000 barrels of beer per year.  After great economic struggle for the breweries to recover after prohibition ended, it was the Lancaster Malt Brewing company in 1995 that put Lancaster back on the map (our walking tour map too!) as a community endeavor that was a great economic benefit to Lancaster County. 

In 2001 the Lancaster Malt Brewing company was bought by the Lancaster Brewing Company – an organization that is committed to providing the best to Lancaster County and beyond!  Take a look at their delicious menu of hand-crafted sandwiches, soups, dinner entrees and more.  You haven’t had the full Lancaster experience until you’ve visited the brewery – a true community asset with a ton of history to boot!

Brooke Schreiter: “It is the perfect place to go on a relaxing date or just to hang out with your friends.  The atmosphere and the food are great!”

Seth Sponhouse: “I’ve been to the Lancaster Brewing Company a few times – it’s delicious – it has such an authentic atmosphere and certainly seems to be a community favorite.  Their menu provides great variety, catering to all ages and their desserts are the perfect end to an enjoyable meal.  Definitely the perfect place to go with a group of friends of visiting family so they can get a real taste of Lancaster.”

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Mamalicious and My Aunt Debbie
North Queen Street

Lancaster, PA 17603

For an awe-inspiring collection of the finest vintage clothing and handmade creations, visit Mamalicious and My Aunt Debbie across the street from Rachel’s Café and Creperie.  For more information on this Downtown Lancaster favorite, check out this link for a full Project Green Lancaster profile!

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Senorita Burrita
227 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Monday thru Thursday, Café 7:30am-9pm & Burritos 11am-9pm, Friday, Café 7:30am-11pm & Burritos 11am-11pm, Saturday, Café and Burritos 12pm-11pm, Sunday, Closed.

Want to find a way to spice up your pallet and your walking tour?  Well we have the perfect solution!  Senorita Burrita prizes itself in providing authentic “mission style” cuisine since 2003.  In an effort to bring some West Coast flair all the way to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Senorita Burrita not only provides great food, but takes pride in community relationships, providing live music and participating in a number of Downtown Lancaster Community events. 

So where does sustainability come into play?  Seniorita Burrita has a stand at our very own Central Market and the buy locally, getting all of their produce, eggs and spices from Central Market stands including Schenk’s Poultry, Barr’s Farms, Meck’s Produce, The Herb Shop and Central Market East Produce!  With a full restaurant menu at their market stand, there is one added benefit to visiting the Central Market stand – breakfast burritos!  Start your day off fresh (and tasty) with a breakfast burrito and hot cup of joe - can we say “muy buena?” Yes we can! 

Be sure to stop by the stand, open Tuesday and Friday 7am-3pm and Saturday 7am-2pm. But first, let’s see what some locals have to say…

Aaron Owens: “Eating at Seniorita Burrita was an awesome experience – the burrito was so fresh and the place was pretty cool too.  It’s really neat that they have a stand at the Central Market for people on the go – I would definitely eat there again – great for a date!”

Jordan Smith: “The food was really authentic and very tasty! It seemed like they used very fresh ingredients – but it was really reasonable pricing too!  I would definitely go back – it’s always busy there because it’s so good!”


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Building Character
342 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Monday thru Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm

Looking to add some character to your next home renovation, get a unique gift for a friend or just browse classic collectibles? Building Character is the perfect spot, with 35 stores in one location it is easily one of the most contagious sustainable establishments in the city – it’s got character, that’s for sure!  After opening in 2007, the store has continued to expand, housing a number of local vendors that rent on a monthly basis to showcase their exquisite handy work and one of a kind creations. 

So, what’s so sustainable about Building Character besides their community vendors?  Check out their Salvage Chic department, established in 2009 for historical pieces of home décor that are refinished into household gems for today’s interior connoisseur.  Salvage Chic is committed to transforming salvaged materials from the community into unique, to create a one of a kind piece that can easily become the topic of conversation!  Building Character also wants to connect with the community. 

They hold a number of workshops and events, including “Ladies Night Out!” Women – doesn’t this sound fun?  After a long day of touring our beautiful city, head back to Building Character for a night of fashion shows, wine, free food and dessert samplers too!  This is just one example of Building Character’s efforts in connecting community members with their environment – a great collaboration for a night out on the town for the ladies?  That spells success!

Building Character is great for an afternoon browse and can easily become a one stop sustainable shop for all of your gift giving, decorating, knick-knack needs!  Plus, it’s right along the way located on Queen Street across from Rachel’s Café and Creperie and just a few stores away from Mamalicious.

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Spyro Gyros
241 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
Monday thru Thursday 10:30am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-4am, and Sunday 10:30am-11pm

Another Lancaster Favorite can be found in the authentic Greek cuisine that is Spyro Gyros.  Opening their doors in 2007, Spyro Gyros is committed to linking community and tradition in a city that thrives on uniqueness.  With all of the cooking done by the owner and her daughter (check out their “About Us” on their Web site) you are sure to experience quite the delectable meal made with only the freshest ingredients. 

Spyro Gyros is also known for their late hours, winning the hearts of those who agree that the night is always young!  Their upbeat and authentic atmosphere creates a dining experience that all who enter through their front door are sure not to forget.  For more information and to view a complete and printable version of their all-encompassing menu visit their Web site or be sure to grab a bite while on your tour – remember, refueling is necessary and quite delectable when you choose Spyro Gyro!

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Fine Living Lancaster Magazine

So, you’ve finished with your tour and you’re wondering how you can keep in touch with sustainable and community action initiatives in Lancaster, right?  Right!  Fine Living Lancaster magazine has it all – with restaurant reviews from the city’s best to local initiatives that connect the community and sustainable efforts, this magazine has become the written “hub” of everything that Lancaster is doing, and they’re doing it well!  Having just celebrated their fifth anniversary, Fine Living is all about what Lancaster is doing to help others live “fine.”

It is the epitome of community testimonies among individuals and businesses that contribute greatly to the pride and renewal of a sustainable, community oriented Lancaster.  The magazine can be picked up at any of their affiliates – located on their Web site – or you can subscribe online to receive yours doorstep!  Either way, we hope that your Lancaster experience will inspire you to check out this magazine and plan your next trip to this “fine” place!

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 Prince Street Café

Prince Street Café is located beside Carmen & David’s Creamery. The Prince Street Café is an example of the revival of Lancaster City. The warm, dark colors create a comfortable atmosphere in the café. There is limited seated inside the café and a small outdoor seating area. The Prince Street Café is a favorite spot for local college students as well as business men & women.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: 6:30am-11pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 6:30am-Midnight
  • Sundays: 6:30am-3pm

The busiest days to visit Prince Street Café are Fridays and Saturdays. Orders are placed at the counter and delivered to your table. Prince Street Café offers a special deal where customers can purchase one cup of coffee and receive free refills for the remainder of their dining experience. Prince Street Café is available to rent, specifics are available on the Prince Street Café’s website.

Prince Street Café offers a variety of organic foods and purchases local produce. The café makes fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and more. The coffee at Prince Street Café is a fair trade blend from Square One Coffee. Square One Coffee grinds a special blend for Prince Street Café.

Price Street Café is home to numerous baristas who make an art out of brewing coffee. The baristas take part in the Thursday Night Throw-down competitions. To learn more about the Thursday Night Throw-down competitions, visit the Project Green Lancaster blog.

Prince Street Café is open all week and participates special events. One special event is Lancaster City’s First Friday. First Friday is a celebration of Lancaster City and the art culture that surrounds it. The café is open for the entirety of First Friday with a coffee cart on Prince Street. The coffee cart offers the house coffee, hot chocolate and small snacks.

Prince Street Café features an art wall. This art wall is alternates between local artists every two months. The relaxing atmosphere and great coffee make Prince Street Café a must-see location in Lancaster City.

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Square One Coffee

Square One Coffee is a collection of coffee enthusiasts that is based on North Duke Street in Lancaster City. These coffee enthusiasts take pride in their fair trade coffee and coffee products.  Square One Coffee emerged in Lancaster in 2000. Square One Coffee has always held the highest standards in purchasing produce and coffee for their cafes. Fair trade means that the famers and their workers are guaranteed a fair price for their goods. This process allows for the workers to have a higher quality of life all around the world. Square One Coffee is proudly committed to serving the best free trade products. Each blend of coffee is brewed in Lancaster City.

Operating hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 7am-10pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 8am-10pm

Square One Coffee is located beside the Lancaster Public Library. The coffee house hosts a multitude of local artists. The coffee shop is famous for its decorated cups. Square One Coffee proudly displays the decorated coffee cups of its customers. This homely atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing cup of coffee. Square One Coffee has several local regular customers that are always willing to strike up a conversation.

The baristas at Square One Coffee are considered coffee artisans and are the reigning champions of Thursday Night Throw-Downs. Square One coffee is available for purchase online at Descriptions of each featured coffee and the farmers who grow it are available on the Square One Coffee website. Square One Coffee has reopened their outdoor patio and offers free WiFi to customers.

Square One Coffee can be purchased at locations around central Pennsylvania. The Hershey Lodge, Coco Beanery, and Central Market are a few of the locations to purchase Square One’s coffee.

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Lemon Street Market
Lemon Street Market is a newly opened store in Lancaster City. This market offers organic products and local produce. Lemon Street market offers daily lunch specials. The market also offers gluten-free products. Gluten-free food can also be found at Central Market. Lemon Street Market is unique with its juice and espresso bar.

Produce sold in Lemon Street Market is bought from Green Circle Organics. The coffee in the market is from Chestnut Hill Café. All of these locations can be added to your walking tour of Lancaster City. Lemon Street Market sells bulk organic items from around the globe. The market also partners with many local and regional sustainable businesses.

You can find updated lunch specials and information on the Lemon Street Market’s facebook page. Lemon Street Market is brand new to Lancaster City. The market opened on October 6, 2011. Mayor Rick Gray was present to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the market. Visit Project Green Lancaster to learn more about Lemon Street Market.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm
  • Saturday: 8am-5pm
  • Sunday: 11am-4pm

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Eastern Market

Eastern Market is a seasonal market that is open from May 31st to October 25th. This market is a part of the revival project in Lancaster City. Historically the market was open in 1883, but has been recently revived. Eastern Market features all local produce from the Lancaster County farmers. The market is also a popular spot for local artists. Lancaster County artists can take part in the market and sell their goods to the public. Eastern Market offers a variety of live music for visitors each week. The market features a multitude of ethnic foods.

Operating Hours:

  • Wednesday: 4pm-7pm
  • Saturday: 9am-2pm

The mission of Eastern Market is: "To increase access to affordable, fresh and local foods for Lancaster City residents, stimulate economic activity by acting as a small business catalyst, and revitalize our neighborhoods by creating a sense of place within the Historic East Side."

The revival project originally began with Prince Street, and currently is focused on King Street. To learn more about the King Street revival projects, visit Be sure to take a walk through the beautiful historical sites in Lancaster City!

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Lancaster Dispensing Co.
Lancaster Dispensing Co. is located beside Central Market and the Central Market Mall. Lancaster Dispensing Co. is a fantastic place to stop and have lunch. All of the produce used in the restaurant comes from Central Market. The restaurant strives to get the freshest ingredients possible for their patrons. The Lancaster Dispensing Co. is proud to not use any pre-prepared foods. The Dispensing Co. or “Dipco” opened in 1978. Originally Dipco was opened as a partner to First Capitol Dispensing Co. in York Pennsylvania.

The Lancaster Dispensing Co. is original in its green efforts, by recycling their used cooking oils. Dipco provides their used grease to a local buyer who converts it to fuel. The local buyer uses the used cooking grease to fuel his converted truck. This is a unique way to not only recycle, but also to increase the awareness for alternative fuels for vehicles.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Saturday: 11am-2pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-10pm

Daily Specials include:

  • Monday: Taco Night & Discounted Imported Beers
  • Tuesday: Gourmet burgers and fries & Discounted tonic drinks
  • Wednesday: Wings and pitcher specials
  • Thursday: Fish & Chips with microbrew specials
  • Friday & Saturday Dipco features live music

Lancaster Dispensing Co. is continuously searing for ways to become greener. Dipco is researching ways to composite their food waste and to conserve more water. Dipco is currently conserving energy by switching to fluorescent light bulbs. To learn more about Dipco, go to Lancaster Dispensing Co. facebook page. The Lancaster Dispensing Co. facebook page provides updated information on which local musicians will be playing and what new things are happening with Dipco.

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Binns Park

Binns Park is located in the heart of Lancaster City on Queen Street. This park was renovated by a local resident. Binns Park is a self sustaining environment. The combination of plants used in the park eliminates the need for pesticides to be used. This is one way to keep Lancaster City green and healthy.

Binns Park is a center for local musicians on every Third Music Friday. Third Friday happens each month in Lancaster City and is similar to First Friday. Third Friday is a collaboration of musical acts that perform all over the city. The Chameleon Club hosts several acts along with the performances inside Binns Park. Binns Park is also home to the Dinner & a Movie series every summer. This summer series is a family friendly event that is sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Special Events (MOOSE). Several local restaurants take part in this summer event by offering specials on meals before the movie begins.

Binns Park has a water feature that is open for the public to enjoy. It is especially popular for kids to enjoy during the summers in Lancaster City. The park was named for James Hazlett Binns. James Binns was the chairman and president of Amstrong World Industries and a leader in the revitalization efforts of Downtown Lancaster City. Two plaques can be found in Binns Park, dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Binns for their efforts in the betterment of Lancaster City.

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On Orange (Formally Wish You Were Here)
 On Orange Café is located by the intersection of prince and orange streets in Lancaster City. On Orange was formally known as Wish You Were Here. Wish You Were Here restaurant opened in 1990 and specialized in Swedish breakfast foods. Since then it grew to include vegetarian meals for its patrons and homemade baked goods.

This restaurant underwent a renovation by the new owners to become the current Lancaster breakfast favorite. The new owner, Melissa Watro, says it’s “Not a complete revolution, just a new twist on an old favorite.” On Orange is ranked third favorite breakfast and Vegetarian meals in the November 2011 issue of The Lancaster County Magazine Best of Poll.

On Orange offers special meals on First Fridays. The meals range from visiting specialty chefs to the Watro family favorite meal. On Orange has a classic dining area with street view windows.  The restaurant includes bar seating for customers. The lower dinning level is perfect for intimate occasions and includes a fireplace.

Ms. Watro is keeping several classic dishes from the Wish You Were Here menu, including Swedish pancakes and omelets. The homemade granola baked oatmeal and the Peasant omelet are crowd favorites. The Swedish pancakes come with the option of ice cream from Carmen & David’s Creamery on Prince Street. On Orange buys fresh, local ingredients for its menu.

On Orange continues the Lancaster City passion for the arts. On the walls of On Orange you can find photography and art from local artists. Visit the On Orange facebook page or for more information.

Operating Hours:

  • Wednesday-Sunday 7am-2pm
  • Parties can rent On Orange on Mondays and Tuesday by reservation

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Expressly Local

Expressly Local is a store that sells local products open year round. The store is located on West King Street, by the intersection of S. Water Street in Lancaster City. Expressly Local has street parking only, which can be difficult to find on King Street.

Expressly Local takes pride in having transparency with the farmers and distributers of their products. The produce sold in the store is not all certified organic. The produce is grown locally and with chemical free methods. Most of the local farmers that grow for Expressly Local are Amish. Expressly Local has also announced that all of the beef sold in the store is 100% grass fed Angus beef. Chicken sold in Expressly Local is from Eberly’s Poultry. Expressly Local is continuously forming relationships with local farmers in order to provide their customers with as much variety as possible.

Expressly Local is a part of the Buy Fresh Buy Local program in Pennsylvania. Buy Fresh Buy Local is an online website that provides almost 2,000 places to buy local products across the state of Pennsylvania. This website is a great way to travel and visit other local restaurants in the state. You can also find several Lancaster City restaurants and markets on the Buy Fresh Buy Local website. For more information on Expressly Local, visit their Facebook page or go to

Operating Hours:

  • Monday - Friday:7:45 am-7:00 pm
  • Saturday:7:45 am-6:00 pm
  • Sunday:9:00 am-2:00 pm

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Green Circle Organics

Green Circle Organics has two different locations in Lancaster City. The founding location is a stand in Central Market. The second location is within Lemon Street Market. Both locations are open year round and can be found on the Green Footprints map at the top of the page. Green Circle Organics began in 2003 with the desire to make local, seasonal produce available to the Lancaster public.

Green Circle operates with the motto of helping farmers and their families. Buy purchasing local produce from Lancaster County farmers, Green Circle Organics helps to stimulate the local economy. You can find fresh bread, dairy products and more at Green Circle Organics. The Green Circle Organics blog provides information on recent travel adventures and updates on both market locations. Green Circle Organics also provides information on buying seasonal foods and ideas on how to cook them.

Street parking is available at both locations. The Central Market location offers discount parking in the Prince Street parking garage. The Lemon Street Market location has a small parking lot available to customers.

Operating Hours:
Central Market:

  • Tuesdays: 6am-4pm
  • Fridays: 6am-4pm
  • Saturdays: 6am-2pm

Lemon Street Market:

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm
  • Saturday: 8am-5pm
  • Sunday: 11am-4pm

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Pop Deluxe

Pop Deluxe is a vintage clothing store located on Prince Street in Lancaster City, next to The Fulton Opera House. Pop as it is known to locals, sells clothing from the Twenties-seventies. They also carry a variety of trinkets and vintage toys. Pop Deluxe is similar to Zap Co. by selling and buying vintage apparel. Pop Deluxe is also a body piercing emporium.

Travelers can be transporting to different decades by simply stepping inside the door. Pop Deluxe is similar to Zap Co. by selling and buying vintage apparel. Pop Deluxe is also a body piercing emporium. Travelers can be transporting to different decades by simply stepping inside the door. There are always specials and sales at Pop Deluxe.

Pop Deluxe is open during First Fridays for shoppers and curious walkers. The trendy vintage clothing is an alternative to bulk department stores. A great time to shop at Pop is November 26, National Shop Local Day. Pop Deluxe is located next to the Vine Street parking garage. Street parking is also available for Pop Deluxe. You can also shop online at

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday-Saturday: 12pm-8pm

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Lancaster County Library

The Lancaster County Library is located in North Duke Street, next to Square One Coffee. The Lancaster Public Library is a part of the Central Pennsylvania Library system. Publically owned and operated, the Library relies on founding for its programs. The library offers free internet to its members as well as book and movie rentals.

On the second floor of the library are the Kids and Teens corners. This is also where special craft programs and movies are located. Each summer the Lancaster Public Library runs reading programs for children and teens up to age 18. These reading programs encourage kids to participate in local activities, visit parks in Lancaster City and reading. These activities are supported by the Lighten Up Lancaster program from The United Way of Lancaster County. Lighten Up Lancaster is a program that promotes healthy living in Lancaster County. By completing the list of activities, kids are eligible for prizes.

The Lancaster Public Library has family movie nights that are open to the public. The Lancaster Public Library supports local artists by showcasing their work on the second floor. Library patrons can sign up for language and writing courses at the library. These courses are designed to improve speech and enhance writing skills. Other courses that are offered teach how to use Microsoft Excel, or even to write resumes. These classes are free to library members. The Lancaster Public Library is a part of Historic Downtown Lancaster and participates in several special events in the city.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 10am-8pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 10am-5pm

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The Lancaster YMCA

The Lancaster YMCA has been a member of the Lancaster community since 1851. The Lancaster YMCA moved to its current location in 2009. The Lancaster YMCA is located by Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster City on Harrisburg Pike. The new YMCA building is state-of-the-art and a green building.

The second location is the Lampeter-Strasburg (L. S.) YMCA. The Lancaster YMCA has the motto: For Youth Development, For Healthy Living, For Social Responsibility. The youth programs promote the following core values: caring, respect, honesty and responsibility. Youth programs and camps offer educational programs including environmental issues and green programs. 

The Lancaster YMCA has a public online newsletter that informs the community of upcoming programs and ways to become involved in the YMCA. The online newsletter is just one example of how the YMCA is going green. A new environmentally friendly project that the YMCA has undertaken is the renovation of Camp Shand. The newest addition to Camp Shand is the wastewater treatment plant. The camp is a part of the youth programs offered by the YMCA.

The Lampeter-Strasburg facility is equipped by solar panels. The solar panels are used to generate up to 30% of the center’s electricity use. This is an incredible leap towards being green. The center keeps real time records of the effectiveness of their solar panels. These records are on display in the lobby of the L. S. YMCA. Both branches of the YMCA are dedicated to the betterment of the community. The L. S. YMCA hosts annual blood drives for the Red Cross. Recently the branches have organized turkey drives to help local food banks. For more information and specific operating hours visit

Operating Hours
Fall/ Winter/Spring Hours (September 6th-May 29th)
Monday-Thursday: 5:00 am-10:00 pm
Friday: 5:00 am-8:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Sundays: 10:00 am-4:00 pm
New Years Day Hours: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Summer Hours (Memorial Day-September 5th)
Monday - Thursday: 5:00 am-9:00 pm
Friday: 5:00 am-8:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am-4:00 pm

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Lancaster Convention Center

The Lancaster County Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown Lancaster. The conventions center celebrated its grand opening in 2009. The convention center is a part of the south square project in Lancaster City. The South Square project is one part of the efforts to revitalize Lancaster City. The project includes new housing units and business centers.

The Lancaster Convention Center is the remodeling of the Watt & Shand department store. The Watt & Shand department store is a large part of historic downtown Lancaster. The convention center was designed and built by local companies in order to stimulate the local economy. The Lancaster Convention Center has hosted multiple meetings of green and sustainable initiatives.

The convention center is partners with Lancaster County Tours. Lancaster County Tours provides visitors with a unique experience of traveling to local venues. These culinary tours include small businesses that are founded in the belief of buying local. The Lancaster Convention Center is home to restaurants and bars of its own. The convention center is across the square from Central Market and the Central Market Mall. The Lancaster Convention Center partnered with the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County to create a museum. The museum includes civil war history of Lancaster County and properties that belonged to historic Lancaster figures.

The convention center is only a few blocks away from the new Amtrak station in Lancaster City. This allows visitors to have easy access to traveling across Lancaster County and the state of Pennsylvania. The Lancaster Convention Center has its own parking lot for the convenience of its guests. Street parking is also available along King Street and Queen Street for visitors.

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Lancaster County Conservancy

The Lancaster County Conservancy is located on South West End Avenue in Lancaster City. The conservancy currently has 31 preserves across Lancaster County. The conservancy is a non-profit organization that operates on government funding and individual donations.

The Lancaster County Conservancy began in 1969. Their first large land acquisition was in 1973. The land acquired by the conservancy was 113 acres known locally as Chickies Rock. By 2000, the Lancaster County Conservancy saved over 800 acres of land. The public is encouraged to join the conservancy’s email list to become involved with the conservation efforts in the county.

The Lancaster Conservancy is currently taking suggestions for a new project titled: Urban Forrest Center. This project is projected to be located in Hempfield Township. The land acquired for this project is approximately 75 acres, and will be adjacent to Noel Dorwart Park. The Urban Forrest project would provide visitors with educational classes on environmental protection. The 75 acres would also be used for recreational purposes. For more information on the successes of the Lancaster County Conservancy visit

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Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College is extensively involved in sustainability efforts in Lancaster County. Franklin & Marshall College or F&M as they are called by the locals, teaches sustainability courses across all of the major areas of studies offered. F&M is partners in owning and preserving 85 acres of land known as Millport Conservancy.  Students of F&M are allowed to visit and perform sustainability related experiments on the nature preserve. More information can be found at

Another environmental effort at F&M is the president’s climate agreement. This is an agreement that was signed in 2007 to make Franklin & Marshall a carbon-neutral college. The college uses the LEED rating system to determine the sustainability rating of their buildings. The LEED rating system was created by the US Green Buildings’ Council.

F&M uses Energy Star appliances and equipment. Energy Star is a leading company in high efficiency products that are environmentally friendly. Franklin & Marshall College offers several environmental majors, specifically oriented towards conservation. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation donates organic fertilizer that is used on the F&M organic garden.

Franklin & Marshall College is researching methods of starting their own food waste compost. The compost from this project will be used across the campus. An interesting green program at F&M is their bicycle loan program. Students, faculty and staff are able to rent bicycles to use throughout campus and Lancaster City. All of the bicycles for this program were donated by an alumnus. There are even greener and more sustainable projects being implemented at F&M. Be sure to visit the campus to learn more and to see their organic garden.

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Central Market

Central Market is one of the most popular attractions in Lancaster City. Central Market is the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the United States. It is home to 66 vendors, and some of the most unique foods in central Pennsylvania. Central Market originated in 1730. Lancaster City designers Andrew and James Hamilton designed a marketplace at the center of the city. Today Central Market still is in the original 120 square foot building that it was founded in.

The beauty of visiting Central Market is that it is a community place. Local residents come to socialize, eat, and enjoy the market. Central Market is home to many cooperative venders. Green Circle Organics happens to buy its produce from several of the farms that are stand holders in the market. Other stands such as The Goode Shoppe purchase as many local ingredients from Central Market vendors as possible. This cooperation between the market vendors means that visitors have the option of asking questions at each of the stands.

Vendors are always willing to point visitors in the direction of their favorite stands or the best season produce. This communal environment is inviting and pleasant for everyone to enjoy. Saturday is the busiest day in Central Market. The best time to come to Central Market is around 7am-8am on Saturday, when the crowds have not become to massive. Central Market parking is in the Prince Street parking garage. The Prince Street parking garage offers discounted parking to customers with validated passes from Central Market.

Central Market is the main source of local produce for Lancaster City residents. Several local businesses have stands in the market. The most notable business stands are Senorita Burrita and Prince Street Café. Central Market is a popular location for Lancaster City residents to each lunch. Another popular trend is to get lunch and Central market, and eat it across the street in the Press Room Restaurant courtyard. This courtyard is home to a brick waterfall, and statues made by local artists.

Central Market takes great pride in offering local products to the public. Green Circle Organics and other sustainable projects can be found within the market walls. Central Market is open year round to the public and offers locally grown food, coffee and handmade crafts. It is truly a must see for any Lancaster City visitor.

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday & Friday: 6am-4pm
  • Saturday: 6am-2pm

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We hope that throughout your visit to Lancaster City you are able to enjoy some of the most treasured establishments that take pride in their sustainable efforts and community collaboration.  Downtown Lancaster is comprised of sustainability, innovation, eco-friendly collaboration and community support – all assets that are essential to the establishment and maintenance of a community that strives to be sustainable. 

While we strive to provide our readers with the most up to date sustainable happenings in Lancaster County, we hope that by providing an interactive opportunity through our walking tour that you are able to the time to visit the places we are so proud of and have so much to teach us!  Again, we welcome your additions to our list, as we are aware that we have only touched upon a large number of sustainable, community oriented establishments that create have become the heart of our city.  Thanks for walking with us!


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