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environmental conservation- this is the process of making a concious effort to preserve, protect, mangage and in some cases reconstruct the environment

independent artist- these artists produce and sell thier products without the financial support of a big name brand label or company. They support themselves financially and use money earned through product sales to keep their small new business running.

PCAD- (Pennsylvania College of Art and Desgin) is located in Lancaster on North Prince Street. It is college for students who wish to pursue a degree in the arts. It is recongized for its strong Bachelor of Fine Arts program. It also opens its doors to the community of Lancaster by offering classes for non-students.

ecofriendly- this term refers to the goods, services, laws, guidelines and policies that are claimed to inflict minimal harm on the environment

green business- this type of buisness claims to have no negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society or economy

cuticle scissors- these scissors are small scissors that are used by manicurists to trim the cuticles on thier clients fingers. They can be found in the personal care section near nail care products in drug stores, grocery stores and make up stores.

utility knife- a utility knife is very similar to a box cutter. It is a small sharp blade that usually can be retracted into its handle.

exacto knife- also called a utility knife, this type of knife is a cutting tool utilized mainly for crafting and art related tasks. It is a small blade much like a box cutter but instead of having a retractable blade the blade is attached to a pen like aluminum body.

LancasterARTS- located on North Prince Street in Lancaster, LancasterARTS is an organization dedicated to helping the arts flourish in Lancaster city as well as build a community for the arts. It works primarily to create a sustainable environment in which the arts of Lancaster city have the opportunity to grow.