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Corn Crib Main Street Market – Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania

A ‘famous in a small town market’ with a small town feel and a big town dream. The Corn Crib Main Street Market offers a wide variety of goods, beyond reasonable prices, and great, quality customer service. When you’re here, you’re family.

Mt. Joy’s very own farmers market opened in May 2013. What started as a dream quickly turned into the newest and upcoming market in Lancaster County. With it’s wide variety and diverse group of vendors, the Corn Crib Main Street Market is one of a kind.

You may be local or from out of town, but the Corn Crib Main Street Market has something to offer anyone of any age. The Corn Crib Main Street Market offers anything from Lancaster County famous homemade whoopee pies, to fresh local bought and grown produce.

Whether you come with your grocery list in hand, or are just out shopping about on a Saturday morning, stop by the Corn Crib Main Street Market, where you bound to find something fresh and local that you need.

For better navigation through this site, below is a list of categories regarding the market are broken up into segments. A list of the segments is as followed:



History of the Corn Crib Street Market


Mount Joy is known for their community and homey feel. Each summer they would have a seasonal market in the Union National Community Bank parking lot on Main Street. This seasonal market would be open to the public Saturday mornings from May to September.

At the same time at either end of Mount Joy there were produce carts; selling anything and everything from corn, cauliflower, potatoes, and tomatoes. These carts were run by Mount Joy’s own Chris Kaley. He was no stranger to the business of markets himself. He had been in the business of markets previously with a partner, but when things went south he decided to open up a market of his own.

Chris drove by an empty space on a chilly day in March on Main Street (what is now the Corn Crib Main Street Market) and saw his plan for this new and upcoming market unfold in his head. He got the landlords number, made arrangements, got the place all fixed up, and started the process of opening up his own market.

He got in contact with the borough office manager in early April, and laid out his plans of what he was trying to do with the market. The seasonal market was sinking for the past couple years, so Chris proposed that they close down the seasonal market and just have his year-round market place open to the public. That’s exactly what they did.

As far as vendors were concerned, he invited some of the vendors from the seasonal market to come and check out the market space even before it was remodeled. They saw and shared the same vision for the space as Chris did. They jumped on board with Chris; Chris also went around to other markets and brought in vendors that he had done business with in the past. He had the ‘cream of the crop’ when it came to vendors and they were all lined up and ready to go.

In May 2013 the Corn Crib Main Street Market was ready and open for business. The market was filled at its capacity with 13 different and unique vendors, all which brought life to the market place.



The Corn Crib Main Street Market strongly believes in the farm to table aspect when it comes to their produce. Chris has maintained beneficial relationships with local farmers who supply some of the fresh produce on a weekly basis.

Aside from local farmers providing the produce, Chris also spends his time going to local produce auctions where these local farmers also sell their fresh produce. When it comes to the Corn Crib Main Street Market’s produce, you know you are getting nothing but the best, from the best of the best.

A unique aspect about the farmers who Chris has relationships is, is for the most part, he has a different farmer who specializes in a certain product that he sells at the market.

He maintains these beneficial relationships because it’s very important to him. For example, if a customer comes into the market on a Saturday and requests something that Chris doesn’t have in stock on that particular day, he is able to contact these farmers and make the requests in order to get that product in for the customer. Now where is there another market that will do that for their customers? Talk about great, quality customer service!



The Corn Crib Main Street Market has the cream of the crop when it comes to vendors. They have a wide variety of goods for sale every Saturday at the market; from fresh goat cheese and milk, to fresh homemade potato chips and whoopee pies.

The Corn Crib Main Street Market offers some of the best local and homemade goodies in the area from these local vendors:

      • Mt. Joy Bakery and Salads

      • A Cut Above Meat Company

      • Old World Collectables- Susquehanna Soy Candles

      • Barto’s Natural

      • FreshaPeel

      • The Tattooed Floozie

      • My Coffee Guru

      • The Sunflower Lady

      • Corn Crib Produce


Corn Crib Produce


Corn Crib Main Street Markets owner and operator, Chris Kaley himself, runs the Corn Crib Produce stand at the market.

This is the primary produce stand at the Corn Crib Main Street Market. He brings his produce in himself from local farmers and local produce auctions.

There is a variety of produce at his stand. Anything from:
                        Sweet Potatoes
Not to mention fresh fruit on a weekly basis:           
                        Berries (of all kinds)

Mt. Joy Bakery and Salads


Mt. Joy Bakery and Salads is a local business that began doing business in 2009 selling their homemade goods at many locations around the county.  They joined up with Chris Kaley and the Corn Crib Main Street Market in May when the market opened and are now exclusively only selling at the Corn Crib Main Street Market.

Mt. Joy Bakery and Salads offers nothing but homemade goodies. They sell their famous homemade potato chips, which they have all different flavors in; salt, and vinegar, regular, barbeque, crab and many more. They come in two different sized bags as well, both very reasonably priced and equally delicious. 

Lancaster County whoopee pies are also a staple piece of this stand. With their super sweet, and super fluffy appearance, it’s hard to resist buying one every time you walk past the stand!

This local business is also known for serving their homemade soups and salads each week. Their biggest hits and most popular salads are their ham salad, chicken salad, broccoli salad, and cauliflower salad. You can’t go wrong if you go home with a pint of these!

Stop by Mt. Joy Bakery and Salads and grab a pint of delicious salad, a local draft root beer, and a homemade bag of potato chips, and you’ll be in for a great week!



A Cut Above Meat Company


Clint and Megan Adams both have full time jobs, but have a passion for and love everything about being involved at the Corn Crib Main Street Market. That’s why they started A Cut Above Meat Company.  They enjoy spending their Saturday mornings with their loyal customers who visit them from week to week and serving the community with their fresh and local products.

They joined up with Chris and came to the Corn Crib Main Street Market in July 2013, where they serve:
                                    Fresh Farm Bacon
                                    Local Goat Milk
                                    Local Goat Cheese
                                    Fresh Deli Meats (of all kinds)
                                    Artisan Cheese

They spend Saturday mornings not only selling their fresh products, but also serving their community by serving fresh made panini’s right on the spot. You can create any combination and they will make it for you. They will pile it sky high with their fresh deli meats and local artisan cheeses.

This couple sells exclusively at the Corn Crib Main Street Market so if you want to visit this lovely couple and enjoy their goods, drop by the Corn Crib Main Street Market!


Olde World Collectables/Susquehanna Soy Candles by OWC


Do you enjoy a sweet scented and all-natural candle? Stop by Old World Collectables while you’re at the Corn Crib Main Street Market and pick one up!

Pam and Tom Barto joined up with Chris and the Corn Crib Main Street Market in May 2013 when the market first opened. The Barto’s take pride in constructing all-natural delights right out of their home. They sell their products exclusively at the Corn Crib Main Street Market every Saturday.

They construct soy candles by carefully by molding 100% soy wax and crafting them into the candles that they sell at the market. Pam and Tim are passionate about soy candles because they believe that there are way too many chemicals in regular candles.

They strongly believe that individuals need to get back to being an all-natural way of things. “That’s what a farmers market is all about.” Barton said while I interviewed her. That is why they take such pride in producing these soy candles.

Besides all-natural soy candles, they also distribute all-natural hand soaps, lotions, body spray, and sugar scrubs. These all-natural bath and body products come in all different scents and sizes and are very reasonably priced. They want to provide the community with products that are eco-friendly, chemical free and safe for any individual to use.

She also creates gift baskets for customers upon request. These gift baskets are perfect for parties, corporate events or just a simple ‘I’m thinking about you’ gift. You can’t go wrong with a gift like that.


Barto’s Natural


Besides their natural soy candles and bath and body products, the Barto’s also sell organic and gluten free treats at their sister stand, Barto’s Natural. Continuing with the eco-friendly, all-natural and organic beliefs, the Barto’s provide the community with friendly and reliable products.

All their products are organic and gluten free. Such gluten free goodies include:

  • Trail mixes (of all kinds)
  • Raw local honey,
  • Fresh dipping oils
  • Organic candy drops.

If you’re in the mood for a gluten free, organic sweet treat, or mouth watering honey, or fresh dipping oils, make sure you stop by Barto’s Naturals at the Corn Crib Main Street Market to indulge in their organic products! You won’t be disappointed!




If you have an appetite for freshly made hummus, fresh chunky salsa or fresh guacamole, then FreshaPeel is the place for you!

Deborah and Richard have been in business for four years before joining up with Chris and the Corn Crib Main Street Market in May when it opened. This local company started right in Mt. Joy and offers hummus, salsa, and guacamole all produced in Lancaster County.

FreshaPeel offers a variety of flavors when it comes to their hummus:
                        Original Garlic Hummus
                        Lemon Kale Hummus
                        Spicy Black Bean Hummus
                        Balzin’ Buffalo Hummus
                        Red Pepper Hummus
                        Sweet Pumpkin Hummus
                        Chocolate Cherry Hummus

FreshaPeel is bound to have a flavor to suit your taste buds.

All their foods are made gluten free, nut free and soy free. They take great pride in having all vegan and vegetarian products to serve to their community. 

FreshaPeel is not just local, but they also travel to surrounding cities with their products. If you’re traveling and you’re craving some FreshaPeel hummus you can also find them and their products in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

If you’re really getting the urge for some fresh hummus and you missed the market on Saturday, FreshaPeel ships to anywhere in the country for a low flat rate shipping cost. Just log onto to their website: and follow instructions for ordering online.


The Tattooed Floozie


If you have a sweet tooth and love to indulge in rich and delicious cheesecakes, then The Tattooed Floozie is for you.

Kyle Whitman had a dream of serving her community with the best cheesecake in town. The Tattooed Floozie has been at the Corn Crib Main Street Market since it has opened in May.

Her and her partner Rachel Shelton strive to serve the community by serving the most unique flavor cheesecakes. A list of those flavors are as followed:

  • Tuaca with a Rootbeer Glaze
  • Godiva Liqueur with Bittersweet Chocolate
  • Chocolate or White Chocolate
  • Butterscotch Caramel with Frangelico
  • Key Lime with Mojito Rum
  • Chocolate Brownie Amaretto
  • Cookies and Cream ( White Godiva)
  • Coconut Rum
  • Kahlua
  • Traditional or Chocolate
  • Mudslide
  • Traditional or Mexican
  • Orange Dreamsicle
  • Bailey's Irish Cream
  • Traditional or Chocolate
  • Tiramasu
  • Limoncello
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Rum
  • Chambord and Cream


Stop by her stand and order a cheesecake for your party, corporate event or holiday event! These make for perfect desserts for any and all occasions!

Stop by The Tattooed Floozie and grab yourself a free sample and a cheesecake!

Check her out on her website at: or on Facebook at www.



My Coffee Guru


The Corn Crib Main Street Market wouldn’t be the same without My Coffee Guru.  Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while doing their Saturday morning shopping at market?

My Coffee Guru has been partnered with Chris and the Corn Crib Main Street Market since they opened in May 2013.

This local coffee company strives to provide the community and the Corn Crib Main Street Market with coffee that is purchased from locally and certified Fair Trade vendors.

They bring eco-friendly and globally responsible coffee beans to the Corn Crib Main Street Market. Their coffee can be split into three different categories:

  • Lively & Light – These coffees fall on the light end of the roast scale. This category makes for one spunky cup of coffee and is reserved for the milk chocolate, wine coolers, and cream lovers.
  • Mellow and Mild – These coffees fall at the center of the roast scale. Cups of coffee that are made in this category have a relatively smooth taste and are reserved for the semi sweet chocolate and lager lovers.
  • Big and Bold – These coffees fall on the darker end of the roast scale. These beans are quite bold and perfect for the porter ale and chardonnay lovers.            

My Coffee Guru’s most famous flavors at the market are their Columbian and house blends. They are freshly ground beans, which makes for an absolutely fabulous fresh taste.

My Coffee Guru also serves a variety of other drink combinations. From coffee to smoothies you cannot go wrong with any drink choice from their stand. Stop by every Saturday and enjoy great, quality coffee and drinks while you do your shopping at the Corn Crib Main Street Market.

You can check out My Coffee Guru at


The Sunflower Lady


Gorgeous flower arrangements are just one of the many fine things to come from The Sunflower Lady.

Marla Bixler has been in business for herself for six years prior to joining up with Chris and the Corn Crib Main Street Market when they opened up in May.

Marla takes pride in growing her own flowers from May to October. With these flowers she creates breath taking floral arrangements of all types. She offers unique, mixed bouquets that flaunt bright and vibrant colors. She also makes her services available for weddings, events, and holidays upon request.

If you stop by her stand on Saturdays and nothing catches your eye, which is very hard to do with her designs, she also creates one of a kind bouquets at your request. Don’t have time to pick them up? That’s okay! Marla makes it easy by offering local deliveries throughout the week.

Another unique thing Marla offers the community are homemade, custom aprons. She creates these unique pieces using a variety of fabrics and patterns. They come in all sizes and shapes as well, even matching sets for mother and daughter!

Her flowers are always fresh, beautiful, and priced very reasonably and her aprons are a classic piece to have for any kitchen.  If you want to check her business out log on to  to check out her work!


Owner Bio


Chris Kaley had a dream; he dreamed of starting and owning his own farmers market. And so he did just that.

Chris was born in the apartment building with the red shutters right on the corner in Mt. Joy and put countless miles on his bike driving around his block growing up. That is how you know this 30 something year old dad is no stranger to the small quaint town of Mt. Joy. He spent his entire life living and learning in Mt. Joy. He attended school his whole life in the Donegal school district.

He has two beautiful children with his beautiful wife. They all reside in his hometown of Mt. Joy. Chris has a full time job and travels to New York City every day delivering eggs for Esbenshade Farms which is based out of Mt. Joy. Another sign that his passion for running the Corn Crib Main Street Market is genuine.

As far as his dream for opening up is own farmers market was concerned, he was persistent and with that persistency came success.

On a chilly day in March, Chris was driving down Main Street in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania where he spotted an empty space for rent beside Della’s Antiques. He stopped in one day and talked with the owner, and began the process of cultivating what is known today as the Corn Crib Main Street Market.

You can read more about the history of the Corn Crib Main Street Market in the ‘History of the Corn Crib Market’ section.



4th Fridays

The Corn Crib Main Street Market is also involved heavily in Mt. Joy’s 4th Fridays. They are open every 4th Friday of the month from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. They offer a large amount of giveaways and prizes in hopes that their business will be promoted, and ultimately expand.

4th Fridays are a great way for visitors and local community members to come out and enjoy their small hometown, Mt. Joy. 4th Fridays happen every 4th Friday of the month and offer a vast majority of the small shops and restaurants throughout all of Mt. Joy.

Each vendor sets up some sort of tent or display along Main Street so the community and visitors are able to stroll down Main Street and enjoy all the goods that Mt. Joy has to offer.

Different local vendors include:
                        The Corn Crib Main Street Market
                        As The Crow Flys
                        Deborah Swanger Photography
                        Fashion Finish Boutique
                        Floral Designs on Main
And many, many more!

Make 4th Fridays a family night. It has something to offer everyone of any age, so come check out the Corn Crib Main Street Market at the next 4th Friday!

For further information or to check out the local flyer for the next 4th Friday visit!



The Mt. Joy Community

Mt. Joy, as an entire community, has welcomed the Corn Crib Main Street Market with open arms. The community has turned out on a weekly basis showing their loyalty and support at the Corn Crib Main Street Market.

After talking with some of the locals, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t want it any other way. They enjoy doing their weekly shopping at the Corn Crib Main Street Market and they know that they are getting fresh and local grown products for a fair price.

Mt. Joy could be classified in the ‘Small Town America’ category. Mt. Joy is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone, you always run into someone you know on your daily trip to the post office and you are always welcomed with open arms and a friendly personality.

Of course this small town feel is bound to flow over into the atmosphere of the Corn Crib Main Street Market. Locals enjoy spending time their and especially running into friends and neighbors there as well. Not to mention the friendly vendors at the market.

When locals walk into the market they feel a sense of community and welcome. No matter if you’re local or from out of town, you are always treated with the utmost respect and kindness at the Corn Crib Main Street Market. Now tell me, who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?!


Directions To The Corn Crib Main Street Market

The Corn Crib Main Street Market serves the local community with products famous to Central Pennsylvania. These unique products are the exact products that attract tourists and visitors to Lancaster County. The Corn Crib Main Street Market is a perfect place to visitors to spend the day and get the best local, homegrown and homemade products.

To make your visit to the Corn Crib Main Street Market less stressful, below is the physical address of the market to plug into a GPS and also directions from some of the major and surrounding cities in Pennsylvania.


(Physical Address)
Corn Crib Main Street Market
35 W. Main Street
Mt. Joy, PA 17552

(Use the above address to type into a GPS if using one.)

Distance and travel time  from major cities in Pennsylvania are listed below:

  • Harrisburg, PA – 30 miles, 35 minutes
  • Lancaster, PA – 13.5 miles, 23 minutes
  • York, PA – 21.5 miles, 32 minutes
  • Philadelphia, PA – 88 miles, 1 hour 15 minutes 

From Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Take Interstate 283 East towards Lancaster. Travel approximately 20 miles south on 283. Exit onto PA-772W/ Mt. Joy Rd. Take a right off the exit and travel approximately 2.5 miles on Mt. Joy-Manheim Road. Turn left onto W. Main Street; the Corn Crib Main Street Market will be on the left.

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Take Interstate 283 West towards Harrisburg. Travel approximately 7.2 miles on 283 E. Exit onto PA-772W/ Mt. Joy Rd. Take a left off the exit and travel approximately 2.5 miles on Mt. Joy-Manheim Road. Turn left onto W. Main Street; the Corn Crib Main Street Market will be on the left.

From York, Pennsylvania

Take U.S. Highway 30 E. Travel approximately 12 miles then take exit for PA-441. Turn right off the exit onto Linden St. Take the 2nd right onto PA-441N. Continue to follow PA-441 N for approx. 2.5 miles. Turn right onto Ore Mine Rd. Travel 0.8 miles on Ore Mine Rd then take the 1st left toward PA-772/Anderson Ferry Rd. Drive 85ft then take sharp right to continue on PA-772/ Anderson Ferry Rd. Drive approx. 3 miles on Ander Ferry Rd then turn left onto New Haven St. Continue 0.3 miles then turn right onto W. Main St. The Corn Crib Main Street Market will be on the left

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-76 W towards Harrisburg. Continue on the turnpike for approximately 40 miles. Take exit 286 toward US-222/ Reading/ Lancaster. Merge onto State Rte 1040/ Colonel Howard Blvd for 0.8 miles. Turn left to merge onto US-222 S towards Lancaster for 15.7 miles. Merge onto U.S. 30 W for 1.4 miles. Continue on PA-283 W for approx. 7 miles following signs for Harrisburg. Exit onto PA-230 W/ E Main St towards Mt. Joy. Continue on Main Street for 3.5 miles. The Corn Crib Main Street Market will be on the right.


History of Mt. Joy

For those of you visiting this site that know nothing about, or have never heard of Mt. Joy, this segment is meant to give you a brief history of Mt. Joy.

Mt. Joy was founded and established in 1721. The Scots-Irish immigrants, who named Mt. Joy after their supply ship, Mount Joy, settled in Mt. Joy along what is now known as Rt. 230. Back in the day, Rt. 230 was the only road that connected Lancaster to Harrisburg at that time and was a popular stop for those travelers who were headed for the west.

Some of Mt. Joy’s first businesses were common for businesses in that time. They were: blacksmiths, wagon makers, and taverns. However, over time Mt. Joy had more and more cultivated land and because of their high quality of fertile soil surrounding Mt. Joy, the town quickly became linked together with the agricultural industry.

Mt. Joy offers a lot of history from throughout the years. Most of the buildings built before 1939 have survived. Because of her old city charm and her beautiful historical architecture, Mt. Joy has been designated a Main Street community by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mt. Joy serves as a popular destination for those who are visiting Lancaster County. While they are here, families are sure to check out some of these famous attractions all in Mt. Joy:
                        Bube’s Brewery/Central House Hotel
                        Small Town Murals Trail
                        Mt. Joy Historical Society
                         And the Corn Crib Main Street Market!

If you are planning a trip to Mt. Joy be sure to check out these attractions as well as these local events put on by the locals in Mt. Joy:

4th Fridays – downtown Mt. Joy, fourth Friday of every month
If you are looking for a fun, family night out on the town then 4th Friday is for you! Bring all members of your family to enjoy this evening out on the town. Enjoy many of the shops and restaurants local to Mt. Joy. Events that appeal to every member of the family are always in store, from games and crafts for the kids, to give a-ways and prizes for the adults!

Taste of Mt. Joy – End of July
Taste of Mt. Joy is a perfect time for the family to get together and enjoy all the best food Mt. Joy has to offer. In July all the restaurants line Main Street with tents and carts full of their most famous dishes! You can’t beat the smell of this delicious event as you drive into town, so come and join us at the next Taste of Mt. Joy!

Crabfest – Beginning of September
If you love some great crab, then this event is for you and your family. Come out and enjoy some of Mt. Joy’s best crab! Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty, because this crab will have you drooling.

Winterfest – Early December
The holidays are a great time to gather together. There is no better event to do that with than Winterfest. Mt. Joy closes down Main Street for a Saturday evening in December where there are carolers of all sorts, the annual town square Christmas tree lighting, unique ice sculptures and Santa even comes to town! Come to Winterfest and enjoy free cookies and hot chocolate and the hometown Christmas atmosphere. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy!  



If you are looking for a small hometown market to visit, please, come and visit the Corn Crib Main Street Market in Mt. Joy, where you know you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck. With weekly fresh produce, homemade goodies and beautiful floral designs, the possibilities for what a customer can purchase at the Corn Crib Main Street Market are endless!

With weekly specials, the friendliest of atmospheres and reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong if you spend your Saturday mornings (or 4th Fridays) with the Corn Crib Main Street Market.

Whether you’re local or just passing through, make sure you take advantage of all that the Corn Crib Main Street Market has to offer, as well as Mt. Joy. Plan your next family vacation and come check out Mt. Joy.

Make sure to stop by the Corn Crib Main Street Market and say hello to Chris and the other friendly vendors.  Check out what the locals are calling the new and upcoming market place in Mt. Joy.


For more information on the Corn Crib Main Street Market check them out on their Facebook page at:

Or drop by Saturday mornings from 8am-2pm!
“When you’re here, you’re family”

Corn Crib Main Street Market
35 W. Main Street
Mt. Joy, PA

Chris Kaley, Owner/Operator


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