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Educate/Demonstrate>Wind Power and the Turkey Point Wind Project


Turkey Point Wind Project-Wind Turbines that result in 25% or Turkey Hill’s main power.

Frey Family-They Family that founded the Turkey Hill Dairy.

LCSWMA-Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority.

Wind Farms-Farms that feature a large amount of wind turbines.

American Wind Energy Association-An organization founded for the sole purpose of regulating all things wind power.

Infrasound-Sounds that cannot be physically heard.

Waste-to-Energy Facility- The process of turning waste into clean, renewable energy.

Feather-The process of stopping a wind turbine blade.

Ballasted Caternary Layout-A method of anchoring an offshore wind turbine. The chains hang in a “U” fashion similar to power and electrical lines.

MW-Mega Watt. The wattage that wind turbines are measure with.







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