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Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)  - is an epidemic causing worker bees from a European honeybee colony or beehive to suddenly vanish.

Organic farming relies on traditional methods of farming such as crop rotation, green fertilizers, and compost for agriculture production.

A solar Panel is an alternative energy source, typically mounted on rooftops, packaging an assembly of solar cells in a photovoltaic module.

A millrace refers to the flow of water current through a water wheel to create an intense and powerful flow of water, resulting in the creation of a millpond.

A watershed, also known as drainage basin, is an area of land where rain, melting snow, or thawing ice settle into a body of water.

Geoscience describes all of the earth sciences - including geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. 

GIS software is a wide range of applications and software that use digital and georeferenced data.

Single stream recycling is a process that mixes all paper products, plastics and metals together in a truck, rather than separating materials in several bins and trucks like alternative methods.

Fair Trade is a sustainability movement to help developing countries make well-informed trading decisions and improve working conditions.  

Mercury poisoning is a disease resulting from high exposure to mercury or compounds found in mercury.  Symptoms of mercury poisoning involve itching or burning, swelling, skin discoloration, and shedding of the skin.  More severe symptoms may affect children.

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