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Below are a list of terms I collected during this project

Glossary Terms

Home Energy Audit
An assessment of a home or apartment to determine the energy efficiency of the home and its equipment. An audit should include an analysis of the utility bills, interview with the residents, and inspection of the heating and cooling equipment, appliances, building structure, and insulation from basement to attic. It may involve the use of diagnostic equipment, such as a blower door, to identify leaks. The audit results in a list of recommended measures to improve the energy efficiency of the home.

Home Energy Auditor
An energy analyst who conducts an inspection of the building envelope and energy features of a home to determine what opportunities there are for reducing energy use and costs. There is no national standard for energy auditors, although some states or utilities may have their own standard practices.

House as a System (Whole House System)
The approach to home design, building, remodeling, and weatherization that recognizes how all the features in a home are connected - and that changing one component can greatly affect another part of the house. It is based on the principles of building science and relies on diagnostics to verify results. Using this approach will improve not only the overall energy efficiency of the home, but also its comfort, indoor air quality, safety, durability, and affordability.

Blower Door Fan
A device used by energy auditors and raters to pressurize a building to locate places of air leakage and energy loss.

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