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Below are a list of terms I collected during this project, all dealing with pollution prevention.

Electronic Recycling : recycling of household electronics such as computers, cell phones, and televisions

HDPE: High density polyethylene.  Used to make many types of bottles.  Good for packaging products with short shelf life.  Recyclable.

P2: abbreviation for “pollution prevention”

PET (PETE): Polyethylene terephthalate, a clear, tough resin commonly used in beverage bottles.  Recyclable.  Nickname: polyester.

Precycling: describes making purchasing decisions that will reduce waste, such as purchasing less packaging.

Solid waste: generally speaking, garbage from residential or industrial activities

Source reduction: any change in design, use, or manufacturing of products in order to reduce their toxicity.

Sustainability: meeting the needs of the current generation without endangering future generations, or their ability to do the same

Toxicity: the degree to which a substance can harm humans or animals

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