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Project Green Lancaster is a website for residents of central Pennsylvania to learn about eco-friendly living. Students at Millersville University researched various topics by contacting local experts on the current nation-wide trend, called going “green.”

Project Green Lancaster includes detailed information on making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices, in hopes that Lancaster will continue to take steps towards conserving resources. The project unites the environmental movement in the county and creates an online community that did not previously exist for this growing cause.

Through contact with the local community, interviews, and research, students compiled a resource that will be essential to the challenges the environment in Lancaster County and beyond will face in the near future.  Let's learn together how we can leave green footprints for future generations to come, not just in Lancaster County, but in our world.



Project Manager, Web master, Editor: Dr. Stacey Irwin

Site and Instructional Design: Albert Unrath

Content Editors: Susanna Andress, Mindy C. Kinsey

Students from Millersville University classes COMM 380, COMM 421, and WMST 491 provided content for this site. 

Educate, Illustrate and Demonstrate contributors include:

Abby Palutis
Adam Hoy
Adam Zafiratos
Amanda Erb
Becca Laufer
Bekah Schweiger
Chris Deans
Craig Miller
Dan Giangiulio
Dennis Keenan
Derek Denlinger
Eileen Culp
Erica Tipton
Erin Clifford
Greg Fisher
James Held
Jason Evans
Javita Thompson
Jenn Bargmann
Jesse Keim
Joel Beger
Josh Hankins
Katie Mackereth
Katie Simpson
Keian Wilson
Kenny Weaver
Kristin Kunzman
Kristina Varnalis
Lamar, Reid
Larry Turner
Lauren Lindgren
Lauren Shapero
Mary Boyce
Matt Wambold
Mervin Phoenix
Miguel Guadarrama
Natalya Hoffman
Nick Kramer
Parker McCaffrey
Preston Lockwood
Rosa Mercado
Ruth Manthey
Ryann Dennis
Sarah Signore
Sarah Thomas
Scott Heydt
Stephanie Cafoncelli
Stephanie Passaro
Stephen Koeberle
Susanna Andress
Theresa Rineer
Thomas Jones
Tim Mercandetti,
Tommy Hoerger
Wade Stimeling

This site was created by Dr. Stacey Irwin( who is a student at Millersville University of Pennsylvania

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