Address Update and Emergency Contact

NOTE: You MUST correctly type in your student ID. Otherwise, your request will not be able to be processed.  Birth date is requested for confirmation of identity.

Student ID (without punctuation):
  (e.g. 123456789 is correct; 123-45-6789 is NOT correct). If your ID begins with an M, enter an upper case M plus the remaining eight digits: e.g. M00012345
Birth date (MMDDYYYY-without punctuation):
  (e.g. 07011979 is correct; 7/1/79 is NOT correct)
First Name: NOTE:  Name changes cannot be processed via web requests.
Middle Initial: Official document supporting name change is required and must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.
Last Name: Examples include:  photocopy of Social Security card, court decree, etc.
Email Address:
  (optional: this will only be used to contact you if a problem or question arises)

To add or change your EMERGENCY CONTACT, please provide complete information.
This is:
a new record a change to an existing record
Emergency Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
City, State, ZIP:
Country (other than USA):
Daytime Phone Number:
Check here if daytime number is unlisted:
Evening Phone Number:
Check here if evening number is unlisted:


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